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  1. quote: Originally posted by FINPROF: On a different tack, I don't understand why everybody is fixated with weight in a violin case. The fixation is understandable in a rifle for hunting sheep but you aren't walking 20 miles a day up and down mountains with your violin case. A heavy case with violin and bow would only go 7 or 8 pounds. Ugh,...maybe it is me? perhaps? maybe I have a weak shoulder? That is why I am feeling the strain....And I don't walk to my violin classes. I use a bike to the bus stop and take a bus...so walking is minimised.... But in events where I have to walk with my case, I really dread the day!
  2. Sigh...the one I have now is so heavy, that it is causing a strain on my shoulder. But the current one I have now is made from wood, I guess that is why it is heavy Thank you for your advice though =)
  3. Hiya! Does anybody here have the Heritage Go! Violin Case from Shar? It is rather crescent shaped and it looks really light and cool Can anybody comment on this? I really feel like getting that because my current case is too heavy. I hope I am posting in the correct place =)
  4. Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone of you know how can I get videos of performers playing? (whether it is dvds, vcds, or video tapes) cheaply. The ones in stores are terribly expensive. Who is your favorite performers? Mine is Itzhak Perlman Thanks a lot! Any replies will be greatly appreciated [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 10-31-2001).]
  5. Hello everyone, The case I am using now is rather heavy and is causing a strain to my shoulder. I am looking for another new, lighter one so I can carry it with ease, while I use the heavy one for storing in my room. Can anyone recommend a light case that you really like? I am looking into the Heritage Go! Cases because they look really cool and light.
  6. Me? An idealist. And proudly so I am always thinking of fantasy and dreaming. And music.....brings me to that fantasy world. My passion for music has never been higher. I can create music with piano. Hope to do that with violin someday. I am always yearning for both instruments to play during normal classes. Sigh quote: Originally posted by Gamina: Perhaps it is music that is the hiding place for idealists, or perhaps the environment which breeds them - it's hard to say - but I've never had a deeper sense of connection with so many people at once than experienced when playing music. Instantaneously, at the lift of a baton, dozens of minds link and think as one towards a clear, beautiful purpose. We breathe in sync or sometimes in juxtaposition, but always together to create the mosaic of a beautiful tapestry. Dreaming, Gamina. [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 09-16-2001).]
  7. "..................." quote: Originally posted by Soundboot: Pose naked!
  8. Natasha What are some of your favorite paintings? This sounds very interesting because I heard of people being immersed in paintings that they live, walk and play there. quote: Originally posted by natasha: My fantasy world while playing is entering some of my favorite paintings... ~tashka
  9. I know what you mean HighStrung. This happened to me several years ago though not with the violin, but with video games I keep on thinking how do I get through that certain difficult passageway in a game because it took me weeks and I still have not accomplished that small task. One day, I slept after another failed attempt because my eyes were tired. When I woke up, I felt better and I concentrated fully on the game ( maybe more than 100 % concentration) and voila! I got through the passageway as if I knew where I was going. Maybe this has to do with the constant thinking of difficult stuff and sleeping helps to focus all your energies into that task, once you wake up. Not to mention the determination in us humans to never give up. Just my two cents worth. [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-21-2001).]
  10. Hi there Katie! Thanks for sharing your wonderful dream with me and the rest! Trust me, it is not corny at all. Your description of your castle is fantastic! Wish I had thought of it sooner. "Completely alone but not lonely" ---> I like that very much. Your dream reminds me of a fairy tale I read when I was young. It is about a boy who had a flute inherited from his grandfather. But it is a magical flute and when it is played, a magical, fantasy world filled with castles and royalty opens up before the boy. Where time had stopped..... I think I had better end here quote: Originally posted by ~Katie~: The castle is dark, eerie and romantic, filled with antique furniture, royal paintings, cascading velvet drapes, the whole bit. I am completely alone but not lonely<g>
  11. Speaking about Ann Arbor, Does anyone know what the classical music station is? And anything else to do with classical music on TV?
  12. Oh man, thanks guys for your responses. All of you have definitely enlightened me. How I wish I can hear more flute music and learn how to play the flute. But time does not permit me to do so.
  13. Forgive my ignorance but I seem to feel that flute music is very sweet and alike to violin music. Does anyone here play the flute? =)
  14. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your dreams with us! It is indeed beautiful and I am sure everyone has their own dreams rooted in music. Journey, what about you and your love riding on a horse? Where the horse slowly trots along the landscape amongst the green pastures and overlooking the ocean? quote: Originally posted by Journey: with my love at my side. Beautiful scene. We walk to an old castle---ruins is all that is left. From the highest point in the rubble of castle, you can see the roaring ocean and the rocky landscape the borders it. The smell is that of clean, fresh air after a soft rain.
  15. Sigh...there is Shar along South State Highway if I remember correctly. It is just beside MediaOne and across the AATA bus station. Though the people working there might be knowledgable, I don't think I will buy anything from there unless it is absolutely necessary. You might want to take a look for yourself but I feel that things can get very pricey there quote: Originally posted by Jeswinky*: Does anyone live in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan?
  16. Sound Dreamer Thank you for your encouragement. I believe that I will do well in both instruments. After all, my mind and life revolves around music. And I will choose to play the music that will express my emotions. Because again, I cannot express myself well in speech. Rather a quiet person myself if I may say so. I have also read success stories of people with disabilities yet they are great musicians. I have arms, hands, legs, feet, eyes. I should feel grateful. And one day, I hope I can produce wonderful music for people who are special to me As for those music scores with the rough comments, well...they are still in my place. Cannot do much about them, cannot throw them away because after all, I do respect music scores.
  17. Sound Dreamer I am more advanced with my piano skills than my violin skills =) I only just started on the violin. I hope this clears any confusion because I mentioned the piano part in my earlier post when I have been posting messages on violin. quote: Originally posted by Sound Dreamer: Cerulean, are you still learning the piano or are you learning another instrument? [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-18-2001).]
  18. Hi Fellas, Through your favorite kind of music, where does it transcends you to? What goes through your mind when you hear a particular piece of music that you like? What would be your intrepretation of that music? I would love to hear other people's ideas and fantasies. Would anyone care to share some of them in this board? In other words, what sort of music do you like that will take you to your fantasy world? For me, I want to hear and play music that takes me to the old ages; where there was once knights and kings and queens and castles and horses and dainty villages. Where ordinary folk would go to the bar and have a drink and perhaps listen to the bards play their music. Where merchants would sell their wares in shops, where fishermen would cast their nets in the beautiful ocean under the blue sky, where the other side of the world was unknown to them and where the mountains, rivers, valleys and hills are sacred. Where life was simpler and men were merry ( Am I influenced by readings of Robin Hood and King Arthur here? =) Each music would be different as they depict a particular scenario; there would be music for the royals in the castle, for the courtiers; music that rings through the green glades of the forest, Another music depicting the ordinary life of villagers, merchants etc. Cheers =) [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-18-2001).]
  19. I believe that a music teacher has to be patient and kind to his/her students and to inculcate a love for music to the students. Even when a student makes mistakes ( every students makes tons of mistakes) a teacher should not vent his/her frustration onto the student, especially if the student is young. Needless to say, I grew up having a fear of my music teacher because she always yell at me, bang on the keys and write nasty comments on the music sheet. This made me gave up music lessons when I was young. When I looked back at the old music books with the horrible writing made by The Teacher, I feel so sad But now, I have a kind teacher who is very patient but up till now, I still have a phobia of playing my piano. I hope to get rid of it one day. [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-18-2001).]
  20. Thank you very much TaraJ! I will certainly get one of those dampits one day. How much did you get yours for?
  21. During the harsh winter It can drop to - 10 degrees something ( I think or maybe even less). I never really take note of the humidity level. But it is dry enough that my skin and lips crack, not to mention nose bleeding. Can anyone from Michigan shed some light on the humidity levels during winter? Take note that some states in the US face harsh winters while some face mild winters without snow =) So perhaps the humidity levels vary from state to state (?) quote: Originally posted by Sound Dreamer: I'm just curious, what is the humidity level there to require a humidifier? I stay in a all humid climate 365 days, my problem is how to prevent fungus growth. [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-17-2001).] [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-17-2001).]
  22. Hi Guys I was wondering what is needed to humidify your instrument and case? I am thinking of getting a "dampit" for my violin, that's all. Is that enough? Or should I take another step to humidify my case too? I really do not want my beautiful violin to have cracks due to the weather. Can anyone give any recommendations? Thank you! [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-17-2001).]
  23. Yo Fellas, When was the last time you send your instrument to the local shop for checkups? How often is the recommended frequency that I should give my instrument a checkup? (after all, my violin experienced quite a few knocks, shakes, rattles and rolls) I have had my violin for a few months and I have not given it a checkup. =( Please advise me Thank you! [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-16-2001).]
  24. Hmm so Rosie How many positions are there altogether? 6? quote: Originally posted by Rosie: I learned pos. 1, 3, and 5 before I was introduced to 2nd.
  25. Thanks Andrew Victor and Rosie for your advice and comments. I really look forward to learning the advanced positions in the future. But do you know when is a ripe time for me to start learning those positions? Will it be months from now or years? Sigh. I have seen Itzhak Perlman on video performing ( for a few seconds) and oh my, his hands glide back and forth so easily, on the fingerboard I mean [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-13-2001).]
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