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  1. I was wondering:

    Besides the Strad and the Strings magazine, what other magazines are there specifically catered to violinists? Can anyone help me on this? I just want to compare which magazine is better suited for me

    Also, do other magazines offer posters like the Strad?


  2. With regards to the current discussion on cases, I think it is a good idea to have an idea of other people's comments about their favorite/current/unsatisfactory/ dream case.

    This can be a good reference for people seeking new cases too. Mine is a current normal case that is heavy and has a storage inside the case for accessories. I am looking for one with more storage space and humidity control, not to mention better choice of color combination and a sleek look

    Hope more people can reply to this thread. What are your dream cases? And what are your current and satisfactory/unsatisfactory cases?


  3. But roman, isn't the Go! case quite fragile?

    Do you think it will be a good investment?

    I wouldn't get that for myself. Why did you make that decision though? Is it because it is light?

    I woul;dn't have peace of mind with a light case, and I have had no problems with airlines carrying my regular heavy case

  4. quote:

    Originally posted by Violinchick:

    I have the Negri Virtuoso violin case. It is very nice,

    Hello Violinchick, thanks for your comments about yourcase...but i have a question: how does your case compare to the "American Case Company Passport violin case"? They look similar to me, in terms of interior color and exterior color. The features also look similar to me

  5. Hello there Sir

    I have been reading your posts in the Pegbox and they are always of immense interest to me,

    I was wondering: Did you pursue violin making because you wanted it or for some other reasons? Do you have any regrets choosing this path?

    For me, my dream is to make violins too some day. I do not know...I just have this impression that it is an exciting field to be in.

  6. Thank you for the update

    I personally love that story. it goes to show how much a human being can achieve even with difficult obstacles.

    So all of us should rise above the challenge and improve ourselves!!! Don't care what other people say, just follow your own way. Follow your dreams, your goals, your ideals!

    Cos no one can stop you from achieving what you want in your life.

    Picture yourself as a great violinist in your mind. ( even though I am just a begineer, I dream of scaling heights) =)

  7. Look, I do not know why so many people are unappreciative of someone's efforts to share violin music in this community.

    At least I am always on the lookout for sheet music to the songs I like, and I am grateful to Saddest Violinist for his contribution.

    I sense sarcasm, boredom and simply no sense of appreciation. If you want to help the beginneers in this forum, we are extremely grateful, Other than that, if you don't wish to help.....don't keep on saying " it has been posted a long time ago, search for it"

    Does that mean that whenever i want to post a topic, I must search for it first? How silly. If you have seen a familiar posting sometime back and it appeared again, let those helpful people reply and keep your "smart alecK" and "wise guy" comments to yourself.

    I have been wanting to say this for a long time, just that I exploded today. There are always new people joining who are in need of help or advice or guidance. Don't assume that the people who post the same topic months or years ago are the same people.

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  8. I think it is a good idea to post your favourite pieces or concertos to share with other people or begineers who haven't listen much.

    But I also hope that people can spell the names of the pieces correctly so we can search for them easier. =)

    For me, I am limited in my knowledge of concertos and other grand pieces

    But for now, I love Meditation, Dvorak, some Bach pieces, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky

  9. Thanks Guys for your opinions and comments

    I think they are all very wise opinions

    Have a happy Thanks giving!! See ya all


    Originally posted by Sound Dreamer:

    I think this assumption of musician comes about because the famous ones are put on pedestal on stage and look upon like semigods. So they are automatically attributed to have god like characters. And unfortunately, this misconception grows to encompass all musicians.


  10. Huh? I don't understand what you said HKV

    I just don't want to say I am a nice person.

    And I am just a beginner, not a pro. And yes, I have met Pros who are arrogant. But I understand their arrogance because they have worked so hard to achieve their success and standard.

    what I am trying to point out is that musicians are humans too, not saints.


    Originally posted by HuangKaiVun:

    If you were such a mean person, cerulean, you wouldn't post this thread because you wouldn't CARE.

    I'll take your meanness.

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  11. Hello fellow maestronetters

    I admit I have a bad and foul temper. I like things to go my own way. But since everyone knows I am a musician, they automatically assume i am a caring and nice person. This sickens me so much. i am NOT, repeat, NOT a nice person at all, when someone is nasty to me in the first place.

    When one day I blew my temper, someone said, " how can a musician behave like that?"

    Give me your opinions, people. I am so exasperated by this assumption. I treat people as they would treat me, that is my way of life. When someone behaves in a certain way I do not like, I will behave like wise to him. When someone is rude to me, I will be rude back to that person.

    But hey, I love music and the arts, I love the different cultures and languages too. But does that mean I must be a HOLY person?

    Or do you people also agree that musicians SHOULD BE NICE PEOPLE?


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  12. quote:

    Originally posted by bleeviola:

    The total weight is a small fraction of what a cellist, bassist, or saxophonist carries around. Maybe people should be exercising more, so that carrying 10 lbs. is not so tiring? Lack of physical fitness is a rather frequent problem with musicians. Just a thought.

    Hmm, just to let all of you know, I exercise 3 times a week, going jogging and playing basketball. I have broad shoulders (due to frequent swimming when I was young) and I am about 5"10. I think I should be fit enough right? smile.gif

    Not only the violin case, but my everyday going to classes schoolbag is giving me problems. Just a combination of the schoolbag and textbooks will give me a strain at the end of the day

    I thank all of you for your advice though, and I will search for a solution


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