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  1. In four years, no one has commented on Michelangeli's rendition of Rachmaninov's P.C. # 4!? In fact, no one here seems to acknowledge who A.B. Michelangeli was! That is a tragic omission. For shame! Alain-Michel
  2. Hello All! I've just signed up [again] after a very long hiatus. Good to be back. Does anyone know where I might find a new or gently used set of these, by the Swiss pianist, Karl Engel? His instrument of choice is a Bosendorfer and the sound, as well as his interpretation is remarkable, to my mind anyway! I have several lp's from 1975 on the old Telfunken label, with the Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg and Leopold Hager conducting. I find these recordings very much to my liking and would love to have them on cd. Amazon does not have them anywhere listed. Can someone direct me to where I might find them? Many thanks for taking the time to respond! Alain...San Diego