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  1. Joe, on the topic of cats we have one that is allergic to fish go figure. if he eats fish its clean up time.
  2. OUCH!! more like they shouldn't even come within 10' of a violin if they are willing to go that far out to do that kind of job. that is one thing I don't like. I am all for learning and doing things your self (the popular mechanic kind of guy). but when it comes to something as artful as violins. don't touch it if you don't know what your doing.
  3. its an old craftsmen metal lathe with a Porsche engine for a motor. the motor is a over kill. but got it and the controller at a good price.
  4. here is a project I have been working on:
  5. Thanks Daryl. that pulled a little chuckle.
  6. Martin, I am sorry you think of me as so easily irritated. I honestly don't know were you get that feeling. I don't get easily irritated. I actually quite expected for every one to not take me seriously in that last post. more or less I was being facetious about how this topic has been hashed and rehashed over and over again, from nearly every angle and opinion.
  7. just curious, were does mk4 come from? is it a British thing? because they numbered there different versions of the ww2 fighter the spitfire very similar.
  8. the base bar looks factory fiddlish. is it really square profile? here is a photo from one I saw recently. it may not be same thing but i thought you all would like to see it.
  9. My wife found this. and I thought it was funny and wanted to share it. you all have to see the others he did. they are all really good. SO ENJOY.
  10. hey Josh, I see that you have made a good recipe for repairing this problem, but did you ever figure out the cause.
  11. NO! i dont own beach front property. but, I waited for the earthquake and it didnt come. So, this is my second chance to getting beach front property.
  12. you could out-law saws-all bowing. I think that would be a big contributor. but more water from the solar ice caps melting might help the environment anyway. David did you send Josh your bows?
  13. customer brought this in for some minor repair: thae label is not leagabel other then a stamp that says "made in germany"
  14. Possible Non. I have only lived in Colorado almost 4 Years. and I have to watch the humidity as well. and I am still trying to figure this out. I share my shop with my in-laws business of cell phone repair. and the humidifier is suppose to help with static. so it is a little mutual. Hope you weren't hurt David.
  15. did you carve any wood away from the kidneys on the bridge. if so, you might try carving another bridge leaving wood there. especially on the knees. I have found that leaving that wood alone gives more focus tone.
  16. Colorado springs is such a dry forest. during the winter we get to the low teen percent for humidity. not bad in the summer though. its kind of funny most players will get there instruments used to the dry climate so they don't have to bother with the humidifier. even the concert master of the local orchestra in my area is said to practice this.
  17. how are you applying the dowels to the neck root? is it same as the baroque style nails?