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  1. Taking the outline shape from a cast of a Stradivari cello scroll, to make a new cello scroll template. Using fast setting polyester resin on thin plywood & the shape is from the central spine of the scroll.
  2. Thanks. Always trying to improve! And I thought I'd try to post a few more pictures from my bench.
  3. A quick photo of a violin in my workshop. I made this a few years ago and it's in for maintenance. The upper treble corner of the front took a hit from the bow and needs some attention.
  4. Gluing in the neck for the next violin - Guarneri model.
  5. Thanks - the varnish is always a work in progress!
  6. Thank you! I could post photos of work in progress as well when I have time.
  7. A violin I'm finishing now - it's a 1720's Stradivari model.
  8. Thank you Christian! I love the original violin but it is so extreme in many ways!
  9. Thanks. At the moment it is my "go-to" Guarneri model, before then it was the 'Lord Wilton'. Both great 1742 models. Since the original is strong but in my opinion not overly thick, I can copy the thicknesses or at least the idea of the thicknesses. I adjust my thicknesses to the wood I'm using, rather than for a particular player. Later I adjust the set-up for suit certain players though.
  10. A few weeks of time for sure. I often do antiquing work for a few hours and then spend the rest of the day on making the next violin. It helps to have breaks and then come back to it with a fresh eye.
  11. Thank you! And yes, with a violinist in Toronto.
  12. My latest version of the "Dushkin" Guarneri 1742. Still with some final varnish work to do and adjustment to the set-up.
  13. I'll try and post a picture of the finished result!
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