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  1. Thank you - of course our event is focused towards musicians, teachers and students. This is why I posted in "Music Happenings" not the "Pegbox".
  2. Toronto Violin and Bow Maker Exhibition September 18th, Koerner Hall On Sunday, September 18th, the Canadian Association of Violin and Bow Makers (CAVBM) will hold an exhibition in Toronto of string instruments and bows made by more than 30 makers from across Canada. The exhibition opens at 10 a.m. at Leslie & Anna Dan Galleria, Koerner Hall, Toronto. Musicians are welcome to try violins, violas, cellos and their bows. Many of them will be available for a longer period through Violin Dealers Geo. Heinl & Co. Limited, after the exhibition. There will be free concerts during the event, featuring the Odin Quartet, Toronto Symphony Orchestra violist Theresa Rudolph, and violin soloist Kerson Leong. Also the Canadian Association of Violin and Bow Makers has launched a new website! Among other features, the new website will allow string musicians to search for available Canadian instruments & bows from across Canada and further afield. A one-stop location for Canadian contemporary instruments and bows. Please visit here for information on the Toronto Luthier Exhibition and our new website: https://www.leforumdesfabricants.org
  3. Taking the outline shape from a cast of a Stradivari cello scroll, to make a new cello scroll template. Using fast setting polyester resin on thin plywood & the shape is from the central spine of the scroll.
  4. Thanks. Always trying to improve! And I thought I'd try to post a few more pictures from my bench.
  5. A quick photo of a violin in my workshop. I made this a few years ago and it's in for maintenance. The upper treble corner of the front took a hit from the bow and needs some attention.
  6. Gluing in the neck for the next violin - Guarneri model.
  7. Thanks - the varnish is always a work in progress!
  8. Thank you! I could post photos of work in progress as well when I have time.
  9. A violin I'm finishing now - it's a 1720's Stradivari model.
  10. Thank you Christian! I love the original violin but it is so extreme in many ways!
  11. Thanks. At the moment it is my "go-to" Guarneri model, before then it was the 'Lord Wilton'. Both great 1742 models. Since the original is strong but in my opinion not overly thick, I can copy the thicknesses or at least the idea of the thicknesses. I adjust my thicknesses to the wood I'm using, rather than for a particular player. Later I adjust the set-up for suit certain players though.
  12. A few weeks of time for sure. I often do antiquing work for a few hours and then spend the rest of the day on making the next violin. It helps to have breaks and then come back to it with a fresh eye.
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