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  1. new info in article in strad, check online for details www,thestrad.com reese
  2. hee are some of the interior photos - probably have 40 or more before and after total - wanted to document the existing condition and what i did to it for the college's records
  3. welshman


    the smaller sizes are perfect for the grooves in bass and cello nuts and bridges - at least for the low strings. reese
  4. Hi I will check my photo files for the shots taken of the JB Squire I restored for the Selch collection at Oberlin College but my memory tells me it was a "normal" interior in all respects, I know I have interior shots on file. Reese
  5. and of course lets not ignore the whalebone wraps on these old bows too
  6. Well, the requests have begun along with the difficult decisions players are cluing in to the ivory ban and I have the first of probably many questions on what to do about the ivory headplates on modern less expensive bows - not much of an issue but I just had a foreign exchange (college) student ask to have the ivory head plate removed, the problem for me is that we are talking about an original plate on a 'sartory bow. I could only offer two pieces of advise at present 1. replace the headplate with a gold plate to match the gold mounted frog 2. before that, investig
  7. well two things I am getting requests to make non-ivory alternate buttons for baroque bows to replace the ivory ones so players can go on tour without worry and i need to think on how to sell a consigment bow - we Hill by william watson with a gold mounted tortoise shell frog - it should be old enough but then proving it could be a issue, here is hoping that passport idea works out. Reese
  8. ha, it is official - Cleveland had six months of snow with yesterdays storm, Snow started in October and it may still be coming in April. Reese
  9. I built a tent with a frame of pcv pipes and stuck large sheets of white paper to form a light box, nice wide roll of backdrop paper that hands down the back and over the top surface of the support table provides a seemless backdrop. I use photo bulbs in clamp on fixtures from the hardware store but did invest on adjustable light stands and a light umbrella to reflect the light. between the lights shining thru the white paper and the reflective light from the umbrella i can get a nice even lighting without too many glares, I have a nice quality tripod to steady the camera for longer exposures
  10. Hi try this approach to see if it will provide a working model to appraoch selecting bridge size - it is what I use for viola bridges in particular determine the bassbar's outer edge in relation to the f-hole edge - that business card idea is very good. determine the position of the bridge's bass foot sitting over the bar - I like it just to the outside of the leg or column if that is what you are calling it, if the leg is centered on the bar it seems too static for movement, I like to think of it as having more of a fulcrum effect if the bar is centered more toward the outside edge of
  11. Welcome to the site, I suspected by your "handle" that you are in Wales, not too many Caerphillys in the world to not recognize that. My great grandfather arrived in the US from Swansea in 1883 and settled in Pennsylvania - our family has spread out from there quite a bit but still appreciates the Cymreig in us. Quite a few Welsh in Ohio enough to have the occasional Welsh celebrations. If the old repairs are solid I would leave them be and just set up the violin as best you can, it may look bad but could still sound fine but not really worth a lot of investment unless there i
  12. I have started to use the multicord synthetic tailloops available. I think the are carbon fiber but may be some other high tech fiber. They are nicely woven and don't seem to stretch as much as gut. Reese
  13. icebob since you know Peter Horn you must be in the Cleveland area drop me a pm and i can give you a hand www.reesewilliamsviolins.com Reese
  14. Thanks Jacob for the clarification - google translator had the phrase as "has a refined sound" - your translation makes much more sense. reese
  15. the "certificate" doesn't seem to have any meaningful information in it other than the owner's name and address (resident of) and the empty descriptions of "first class instrument" with a" good sound" and has a value of 4000 marks in 1946 which means what in terms of the end of war inflation and currency flux? i tried to convert 4000m to meaningful 1946 US value but that amount of reichsmark was basically worthless and 1946 was just before the conversion to allied issued bank notes (deutschmarks) so who knows what the violin was compared to. nothing in the certificate as to maker o
  16. here is a link http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/01/they-didnt-give-a-flute-customs-agents-at-jfk-airport-destroyed-every-one-of-this-mans-11-handmade-instruments
  17. A client just told me about a flute player's bamboo instruments destroyed by u.s. customs when flying into Boston. If you do a web search for "Bamboo flutes destroyed at airport" you will find the many articles about this incident. The man is a world renown player of flutes and had 11 handmade bamboo flutes destroyed by a custom inspector misinterpreting the regulations on agricultural products. reese
  18. I tend to advise my clients to try an instrument with the gut strings and if it works well then the bassbar change is not needed. Reese
  19. personal choice, i have had clients use either type, the one with the hump has something for your chin to grab but other players prefer the smooth type more, you will just have to try them both. reese
  20. Family just picked it up seems the story is that the violin came with the grandfather who emigrated from Russia. Of course given that country's ties with Germany at the time that would not preclude a Saxon origin. Reese
  21. So a doctor and a lawyer meet up at a dinner party. The conversation turns to the most dreaded topic they always seem to have to face that of being asked professional questions at the parties. The Doctor asks the lawyer for his advice on how to confront the issue without being impolite. The lawyer tells the doctor to just listen patently and then send a bill for his time to the person the next day. The doctor went off feeling much better. The next morning he receives a bill from the lawyer in the mail. Reese
  22. she has many other performances - do a youtube search for more
  23. My client (Oberlin violin Professor) is impressed by this version, enjoy Reese
  24. already looking forward the baseball next year this might bring some smiles reese