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  1. Hello, I posted back in February asking questions about purchasing this Forberger or fixing up my trade fiddle. Thanks to everyone who gave me some wonderful advise. I bought it, and am very happy with it. I still have my trade fiddle, which I use for cross-tunings (I play old time and some trad. Irish). I said I would post pictures, so here they are (hope I did it right). I know very little about this fiddle - except that I love how it sounds, and it plays easier than my old fiddle The shop where I purchased it had a book with a paragraph about him. I think it said something about his father being a farmer who made fiddles. Then Robert went to school to learn how to make them. The label reads something like this: Psalm 9,6, Robert Forberger s Werfstatten fur Geigenbau Potschnau-Zwittau R 1959 It's also marked on the inside where the neck joins the body: Robert Forberger Houslarsky Mistr Mor Lacnov Svitavy I'm curious about the fiddle, maker, or any other observations you feel like sharing. Thanks, Dawn