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  1. Sounds similar to the Rubio process. He wrote that if you take the potash and madder root solution over 50C the lake will tend toward brownish hues. I can't quite read the color of your lakes, but just citing one variable that has a color impact . See #3. here: So many variables! Curious how they look when wet.
  2. To be fair, you likely should have made a follow-up contact with him after the first year and likewise, he should have contacted you to follow up on wood selection and certainly should have talked to you prior to the purchase of one of your violins elsewhere, given the deposit/commission situation.. He clearly appreciates your work, and actually bought one of your fiddles (just not according to plan- which you both let go of). I'm guessing you'll work out what's reasonable to both of you. He'll question why you should retain any of his deposit, which you should be prepared to justify with a reasonable response.
  3. John - consider a Shapton Pro 8000... It's a ceramic-based material that does not need to be soaked (just splashed) and cuts well.
  4. Was the chip on the left grounded or is it also bare? That's 8 straight coats of the newer walnut oil varnish, no pigment, correct? Are you finding the that varnish pinholes as the previous varnish had, or does diluting it to brushing consistency resolve that, not necessarily undesirable, trait? Perhaps the new varnish didn't pinhole when more viscous, as I realize we're talking about two different varnishes now. I can't read the surface texture as I could with the previous varnish photos. Thanks for sharing the experience re: walnut oil, thick vs. thin, and crackle...Interesting.
  5. Same or different varnish from posts 1&11? Same or different on L and R? How many coats on L and R? Have you used any of the 1&11 varnish on an instrument yet?
  6. I think he's saying it's likely on the surface, between the winter growth You're not mistaken.
  7. Has he tried them? I'm guessing he has...
  9. Agreed. Although, I did like that multiple people would share examples of current work in the same thread. That may not happen as much if individuals start their own personal WOYB-like threads. Though that's of interest too. Those threads potentially could get very long if a maker were to just post in one thread that he/she starts. But, like you said there's really a choice of format in the Gallery forum (lmulti-subject threads or single-subject ones). It seems like work in progress (and posts on other violin making related endeavors) is better suited to the Pegbox by its definition (and likely a reason why it was so successful as the WOYB threads), while completed work may be best represented in the Gallery, (leveling the playing field, as you say). The WOYB threads were a combo of the two. I think people are trying to figure out how to reconcile that. Where's Melvin going to post a pic of cooking varnish ingredients in the future . Sounds like a plan.
  10. What model is this based on? Is the varnish on the body complete at this point?
  11. Second batch - Rubio numbers - I washed 5 times - yield was 9 grams.
  12. I think they're different animals. Most content posted in the Pegbox WOYB doesn't elicit many comments - but people seem to share brief shots in this format and short discussions spin from it. It's definitely been a highlight of the Pegbox since it started. People use it. It'll be interesting to see if folks are willing to post individually to do the same thing in the new Gallery. I see a couple people have stuck they're necks out to try. It makes me wonder if that forum will be composed of threads that really just become maker specific WOYBs? Could a generic WOYB be started there? Or, is that to be avoided? Regardless, the Pegbox WOYB thread will be least by this luser - I mean user
  13. Will do! I'm looking forward to trying it.
  14. Why is that? I may or may not end up using the pigment in varnish, but wanted to try it out at least. I'll give it another go.
  15. I stopped at 8 total washes. I don't think it dissolved, but rather, got syphoned away with excessive that possible? The lake was so rich and red a couple/few days ago.