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  1. Synesthesia, Yes. And thanks. I was always made fun of also in ensembles due to the fact I couldn't respond while someone was talking to me while playing music in a trio or quartet like talking back and forth. I simply had too much color going on in the brain at the same time and couldn't speak. I'm not saying I have waterfall displays going on in my mind its different than that. Its as bright as staring at a light, then closing your eyes, and seeing the afterimage, and right before it is too dim, as the rods and cones adjust to the light - take an instrument and then watch that afterimage s
  2. Grin. i keep laughing at the sign. ..and stuff
  3. My apologies I missed the link! LINKMAN where are you to slap my wrists?!
  4. Omnobono your one piece back strad with medium width flames slanted downwards to the lower right is the 1710 Vieuxtemps http://www.cozio.com/instrument.aspx?id=1359
  5. Jacoby my apologies. Sometime soon our paths will cross.
  6. Thanks for the email I received to repost. There are some kind hearted and wise people in Europe that I had no idea. Thanks. Jacoby, I have a client not 173 miles from your shop that commissoned two of my violins a couple years ago. There will be a day when I might need your help and I couldn't imagine anyone more trustworthy than you. I have a spreadsheet I updated a month ago and put your name and phone number in there for A. Cavallo Violins should my client have any needs. Yes the 1741 Vieuxtemps Stoutzker is the Mona Lisa of violins. To an outsiders perspective this is
  7. Edit - Sadly Maestronet has turned into a place where I do not belong. Cheers.
  8. Very busy and have filled up most of 2013 and booking into 2014 already. Backing away from Maestronet to stay focused. Drop me an email if needed.

  9. cbouts

    Maggini Model

    Zanjia there is always exceptions though. Filippo Fasser is a fine maker who makes good Maggini violins where probably most modern makers wouldn't today. - He lives in Brescia and makes some really great instruments. (Edit: Ive heard his violas are stunning from someone here in Utah who has played one of them) http://www.filippofa...nti.php?lang=en
  10. cbouts

    Maggini Model

    Ive played a few Magginis violin and a viola. I'll speak much higher of the Viola. HAHAH. The one violin recently not long ago was too reserved and laid back for my tastes. No punch or drive. I felt like I had no fun on the A or E strings above 4th position and simply no bell like overtones. This is common as far as i'm concerned with Maggini violins and some of the style of the brescians due to the arch shape, model, and some other aspects of the age and amount of repairs and modifications these instruments have undergone. The G and D strings were a little bit oddball sounding. Uneven. The
  11. Report it. I have had one of my commissoned instruments walk one time. It took 9 months for the instrument to come back to me but eventually I got the instrument back on my bench. --- EDIT... but never ever ever.. if for even the slightest moment you get the idea that you are putting yourself in a situation where your safety might be an issue.. drop it. Its not worth it. But after the situation I went through with that instrument, its best to report it and get instruments back to their rightful owners.
  12. Hmmm. 10th position I start looking at setup issues and really nailing down a setup that is perfect for the musician. Is the fingerboard perfectly planed, good solid seasoned ebony. If you are screaming out some Ysaye sonatas and digging in up there and the ebony is bending slightly under the weight of your fingers if you are transitioning quickly and landing your fingers hard down. if its a thin or floppy fingerboard depending on how delicate of a touch you play.... this can cause some intonation issues as well. Do you see any dips or worn areas reflected in the light when you look from th
  13. Yah, was some nice maple I had set aside. 2 necks will get carbon fiber reinforcements which will really be nice. Cant wait to have this batch done as the del gesu influenced model with the reinforcement is the first of my 2013 models i'll by using on violins. Come feburary i'll relax a bit and finally catch up. Coffee in hand and glue is warm.. Cheers.
  14. Stanley Ball Vise - They are trash - ordered it awhile back ago on amazon I believe some 9 months ago. The threads on the inside are wearing out and shearing and it gets stuck on the clamp part. I wish bogaro and clemente would come out with a mini-version of something like this. Half tempted to order another ball vise from bogaro and clemente and get a nicer clamp vise and mount it to it. - I have thumb screws in my bench ive drilled where my pins for my half templates also hold my moulds while I am gluing ribs and linings and such... but I love this clamp while working scrolls and such, or
  15. Christmas is certainly the busy season! it will be feb before these are done for everyone though. . Now the bandsaw blade today started ticking and I forgot to order more blades. (facepalm) - scrollcarving party tomorrow if my hands can hold up.