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  1. So what do you guys think a real poggi worth looking at or not... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting
  2. It was 7K to be used for a "trade-in" with one of their intruments in the shop, i didnt get a outright price... I assumed he would list it over $10K but this is why I posted why in the heck would the other luthier mark it as "scrap" wourthless? these were reputables Luthier shops in the area... I figured one of them is not telling the whole story here....
  3. Hello Maestonet group, I’m a long time reader of this wonderful forum but never registered nor a poster. I’m a violinist and just love everything about this wonderful instrument. What brings me to posting is recently a good friend of mine bought a violin solely on sound, he’s tried lots of instruments in violin shops and this came across him from some unknown source. He didn’t pay much ($2,000). So when I saw it, it has a nice varnish, the violin is light and very easy to play, probably the easiest playing instrument I’ve played. It bears an Italian label “1945 Vittorio Bellarosa”. I told him it probably isn’t the correct label but what do I know about violins. This is the interesting thing; I told him to bring it to the violin shop to get an verbal appraisal just in case 1. It’s really an Italian fiddle and 2. What their overall opinion is. So I went with him to one shop and while waiting for the appraiser we went into the trial room and we tried a good 8 fiddles in the 10K – 30K range and none sounded as nice as this unknown Bellarosa. By this time the owner comes in and looks at the violin and says this is a nice fiddle can I borrow it for a sec. He disappears and comes back 5 minutes later and states, I hope you know its not a bellarosa but it’s a very nice instrument and wanted to offer $7K for the instrument if we wanted to “trade” it. I asked if its even Italian and he said NO maybe Czech or bohemian. After this I told my friend it sounded a bit fishy let’s get it appraised at another Luthier shop in the area, we went there and the guy looks at it 2 seconds and sais this is a dime of dozen fiddles that are worth nothing. We were shocked how can one place want 7K for it the other says it’s worthless?? I told him if its so worthless why don’t you compare its sound to any of your $20K fiddles and we will see. We got the response that sound is NOT a factor in a violin’s price… So here I would like your professional opinions on this instrument since I can’t believe 2 places gave completely black & white appraisals of this instrument. If this is truly a worthless instrument I don’t understand how it can sound so nice, be so easily played and be worthless?? Thanks guys…. Ps: If you guys require more pictures please let me know.... Mike