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  1. This is interesting stuff and brings to mind what I have seen here in Northern Illinois. Gravel companies mining glacial gravel deposits would find from time to time, large pieces of wood embedded in the ancient gravel. This wood, which was in good shape, had been buried since the last glaciation of this area which was about 10,000 years ago. I don't know what breed of tree was involved but we kept a couple of slab pieces in front of the fireplace for years.
  2. Wow, just under $46, Group buy???
  3. Begorra!! That back makes me eyes hurt!
  4. Oh dear, I expected banjos to be outlawed long before violins
  5. As well as the other folk art work on it ebay of course 190317240458
  6. This Suzuki for sale on Ebay 300317308818 Has the strangest top I have seen. Maybe to save a fiddle for student use? The bars seem to have light impressions where a bridge has sat but it sure would raise it up high.
  7. If the player liked it why didn't it work?
  8. I hear what you guys are saying..... I guess my mind made the jump when I remembered that in several places I have seen descriptions of salvaging a string-cut bridge by using superglue, possibly mixed with some sawdust.
  9. "I do agree that glue on the varnish probably isn't going to solve your bridge mark woes. But, if someone has tried it with success I'd be interested to hear how well the bridge came off later. " Well, the areas I observe certainly have no varnish on them, they are little craters in the surface and I was just thinking of levelling off the crater with cyanoacrylate which when hardened will not stick to anything.
  10. I have noticed on many old fiddles that the top is literally eaten away in the area that the bridge sets on. I wonder why this is. It doesnt seem like just haveing the feet sit on the top would cause this damage. At some time have the bridge feet been glued down? Was this a common practice at some time in the past? In addition, would putting a drop of superglue on these areas damage the tone quality of the instrument? Any additional comments welcome. Thanks, DF
  11. As an experiment to try and determine if the deterioration in tone was due to the warp or some other change in the bridge.
  12. Somewhere on the web I read a thread about flattening a warped bridge by heating and flattening it in a (relatively) hot skillet. Why don't you give that a try with the old bridge and see if it brings it back to its previous glory?
  13. this ebay auction Item number: 120411307256 Looks like some clown has taken the label off of a box of rosin and glued it to the button area of the fiddle. What do you Think???
  14. I have acquired a few fiddles that came in old funky cases and I have put a sheet of fabric softener in each case where it will not contact the fiddle. So far it seems to be doing some good but I estimate it will take a while to do the whole job.
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