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  1. I'm playing Monti's Czardas now... very gushy and mysterious.
  2. When you feel guilty when you're enjoying the symphony, instead of analyzing it for modulations, form and chord progressions
  3. ...when you have a Strad poster in your dorm room (Brothers Amati viola, c. 1620...) ...when you have soundpost setters in your dorm room ...when your instrument cases take priority over books on your dorm room shelves
  4. ... when you refuse to take a class required for your major because it meets during your orchestra rehearsal ... you can't keep a constant speed while driving because you're tapping your foot ... when you're walking down a sidewalk, you try to take "triplet" steps within the "duplet" cement squares, just to practice rhythm ... when you're on a dinner date, you'll interrupt conversation by pointing at the ceiling, cocking your head and saying, "This is Dvorak, we played this my junior year..." ... likewise for movie soundtracks ... you've said, "Flight of the Bumblebee is so cliche for movie soundtracks"
  5. Rosie


    So, it's not impossible to get into grad school for conducting, with just a BA in music? Thats good news--thanks for your input, everyone.
  6. Hey all-- I'm 18 and in college, probably majoring in music. I know I don't want to be a violinist (not enough inherent skill or desire to compete) but when I think about conducting, my heart flips. I'm afraid to commit to a music major because I'm at a liberal arts school where the music dept. is just sort of average, and the classes they offer are few and not very exciting. But oh, i would love to conduct. Are any of you conductors? How did you get into it? How did you know you were interested in conducting? Where did you go for your undergraduate degree?
  7. Can't see the pics, but I am sure you have a wire mute. Yes? Don't feel stupid, lots of people cn'tfigure them out. Bring it back to the shop with your fiddle, and they will show you how to do it. Howver, you might as well just buy a tourte mute. They are easier to put on and they do not strip strings like the wire ones can.
  8. Today in rehearsal I was getting really mad because we were playing a piece with confusing rhythms and I couldn't tell which beat the conductor was "on" because I could only see his conducting pattern from the side ( I am 1st vln 3rd chair). I could tell when his arms were down and up, but because I was looking at his profile it was hard to see the beginnings of measures without totally looking up from the music to figure it out. He was getting mad because my section didn't play on the right beats. Would it have been rude to ask him to move his platform back a few feet so we could see what he is doing?
  9. We're doing Sibelius Symp. no 5 and right now it sounds horrible.
  10. I (being female, of course) prefer to be called concertmaster. -Mistress just seems wimpy, or unnecessarily feministic so I stick with the original title. In big orchestras, is the gender-specific title used as a rule? What do you prefer?
  11. Rosie


    Probably isn't a bad idea. No offense to anyone (I've been known to play a guitar or two in my time) but I still think frets are for wimps. :-) But more power to them.
  12. Bake your teacher some nice bread - Anadama or similar.
  13. I've used my International publication with piano accompaniment for many a concert... I think the Double secretly haunts most music halls...
  14. Wow. Sounds great - wish I lived close enough!
  15. Anybody heard of it? Know anyone who went there?
  16. Does it have a good program?
  17. Practicing Bartok's Romanian Dances the other day, I got to the sixth one ('marundel' I think) and I kept breaking a bow hair every time I started it. I couldn't play with the kind of snap I wanted without doing it. What am I doing wrong? How can I keep my bow from going bald? How can I keep from having a flyaway bowhair at my imminent audition? I had my bow rehaired in December.
  18. I'm a teenager so I'm supposed to like all this pop music stuff, I think. But to tell you the truth I really don't like much of it it all. I don't listen to lyrics. I have a hard time figuring them out and they're usually dumb anyway. I like a song that has good orchestration and a catchy tune, and a singer who has a decent sound quality -- ever notice how none of these people can actually sing? Most of the female vocalists have that agitating breathy disgusiting thing going on. yuck. Anyway, when I hear a song I like I'll say to one of my friends that I like it, and then they point out that the lyrics are about something totally profane and disgusting, and its such a bummer because it could have been a good song. One time I liked the sound of the backup on one song and it turned out to be Britney Spears which totally ruined it.
  19. Hello Holy Viola, and great name! Dido is one of the worst offenders, but so far, Jewel takes the cake. My older sister has CDs of both of these singers and she doesn't understand why I mostly stick with my instrumental stuff.
  20. I stand up my Bobelock rectangular case on its end occasionally, and I even sometimes carry it that way -- I actually dragged it through an airport using a strap my case has on the scroll-end of the case. Maybe it would have been smarter not to do that, but I kinda figure the strap is there for a reason. And it hasn't hurt the fiddle yet.
  21. I basically use the Bon Musica -- it's really comfortable and super-adjustable, but I found that the feet always squeaked against the fiddle when I brough it up under my chin. I replaced the legs/feet with Kun legs/feet, which grab better, and the squeaking is fixed. Also turned around one of the joint thingies on the "down-ward" side... if you can picture that. Anyway, I love it now.
  22. I am soloing with this piece with my orchestra in the spring.
  23. If I was fiddling, I wouldn't care. But I've been playing classical entirely for a while now. I wouldn't really care how it looked if I could still play, but I can't play well when I'm choked up, at all! Spicatto is out of the question and long held notes are impossible, because several inches of the bow are inaccessible.
  24. My bow hand creeps up - way up - the stick of my bow until I'm at the fulcrum, or farther. This is a definite problem! My teacher has no idea why I do this and can't fix it. She says I have a "spiny" bow hold and that might have something to do with it. Like I hold the bow with my fingertips. But when I curl my fingers down around the stick I don't feel like I'm in control at all. So it would be Ok, but what about this creeping up the stick thing? What could be causing it, and why can't I fix it? Thanks, as always. Rosie
  25. Nagging a small kid to practice is like making him eat peas. Yeah, peas are good for him, but he hates them. Eventually he'll learn to like them. In the meantime he'll eat carrot sticks or something. Maybe he'll never learn to like peas. What are you going to do? Musically speaking, if the kid (as a beginner) doesn't want to practice, maybe he isn't a virtuoso, you know? If he doesn't like music he'll find other interests that do the same thing for him that music did for most of us here. And he'll be better off for it. Once a kid has been playing happily for a few years, though, sometimes it's good to gently encourage him to practice when he's just being lazy. That helps me when I'm just too exhausted from school or whatever. But GENTLY. I know where I can cut myself some slack when I NEED it, and if Mom made me practice at one of these times I'd hate her for it -- and the practicing wouldn't be fruitful anyway. I'm 15 by the way. [This message has been edited by Rosie (edited 01-02-2002).]
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