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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the insight! It sounds like a difficult way to choose an instrument unless one has narrowed the search to a few I guess. When they list something with the "good" or "fine" designation, it seems like a seal of approval and I wonder what they think of instruments without such a designation. Are such designations referring to the tonal qualities or workmanship or pedigree or???? Are the majority set up to play? Regards, O
  2. Hi Everyone, Can anyone relay their experiences going up to Tarisio and trying out violins? Any suggestions on how to make this a successful endeavor? I just looked at the catalog and it appears overwhelming....Thanks! O What do "fine" vs. "good" refer to?
  3. Hi! I purchased an instrument from him last year to use as a travel fiddle because I particularly liked the sound clip. (The instrument is of course, not vintage or Italian as labeled.) It is brand new, slightly antiqued and likely from China. In real life, it is well made, is very resonsive and has a great sound, so I feel that I did well for the price (less than 2000). I had already tried out at least 25 fiddles for under 3K in area shops and this instrument was superior to the fiddles I was trying. I don't like the advertising, but was willing to try it because of the clip and the return
  4. Thanks for your replies.... In general, would a violin with a four piece top be considered of a poorer quality? O
  5. Hi Everyone, Please excuse my ignorance in advance.... Why would a violin have a top made of more than 2 pieces? Was this a common practice in any particular era in violin making history or characteristic of violins made in any specific location? What effect would having a top made of more than 2 pieces have on tone quality? Does this make an instrument at greater risk for problems? Thanks so much, Regards, O