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    Music for guitar and violin

    If you can find "New guitar songbook" by Frederick Noad, there is a wide range of tastefully arranged songs such as All Through the night, Ash Grove, Shenandoah & some Elizabethan lute songs.
  2. violian

    solo violin only c.d.s ?

    Ysaye's 6 Sonatas.(Benjamin Schmid on Arte Nova label is rather good.)
  3. Some of the Inventions make nice violin & cello duets. Can anyone suggest other keyboard works of similar technical level, that might lend themselves to violin & cello? Thanks.
  4. violian

    DVDs you can't get in the US

    The sound quality on the Rostropovich/Richter is fine. There was some picture problem on fast hand movement ie. Rostropovich's vibrato, but this was only a minor distraction. Unfortunately my copy would only play on one channel, but the samples promoting the other discs played fine!! I've contacted EMI about this but have yet to hear a proper response. It could be a remastering problem or specific to certain dvd players. I saw the Menuhin Beethoven on BBC4 this week, which received a poor review in Gramophone magazine. Have to say I found it a noble & moving performance. The orchestral opening has some tape wow problem but it thankfully settles down. The Rondo is taken at a cautious tempo, yet Menuhin makes it sound convincing. Watching his bowing is alone worth the cost of the dvd.
  5. E.M.I have issued the complete set played by Rostropovich & Richter. They date back to early 1960s. Anyone heard or seen these performances? Also in this DVD series are Menuhin playing Beethoven & Bruch concertos & Oistrakh playing Bach's Aminor concerto + Prokofiev sonatas. Sounds like some worthwhile releases.
  6. Trio sonatas might be an option: Boyce, Purcell, Corelli spring to mind. Cello & bassoon might have to share basso continuo but should sound rather nice. It might even balance nicely with the piano (as opposed to harpsichord).
  7. Having a violin fitted with Dominants, I'm finding restricted resonance from 3rd position upwards. Assuming the carved bass bar is a factor, has anyone any thoughts on the type of string that might offer better response? Thanks.
  8. violian

    Str Quartet Music

    There is an arrangement of contrapunctus 1 from Bach's Art of Fugue which is a sublime piece. You could experiment with many tempos. Lento is my preference.
  9. violian

    Scales in minor thirds

    The minor scale say in Cminor, would be c+eflat, d f, eflat g, f aflat, g b, aflat c, b d, arriving back at c eflat. This is as viewed in my piano scale book. How does this look? On the subject of 31 & 42 fingerings, it seemed once in 3rd position the 42 fingering was much less of a stretch.(My hand is fairly small.) Use of repeated 31 is beneficial because your hand has to be relaxed to quickly find the wider or reduced stretch. Perhaps the next step is 42 42 42, probably after a beer or two!!!
  10. violian

    Scales in minor thirds

    Thanks for suggested scales. Thirds have become much more practical since adopting 31 31 31 24 fingering etc rather than alternating 31 with 24. It certainly adds a dimension to double stopping simple tunes like Long long ago or Aunt Rhody.
  11. violian

    Scales in minor thirds

    Having got going with major 3rds in C & G, any suggestions on minor 3rds would be appreciated. Same keys?... or is there an easier route into the minors? Thanks, ian.
  12. violian

    Interesting article on Biddulph etc

    Thanks for the post. The detail was a bit overwhelming, but makes one realise what players have to contend with, just to get hold of these great instruments. The thought of a strad crushed under the bed like that!! (BTW nice to see another UK poster. Hope you have BBC4!)
  13. violian

    Elgars Chanson de matin...

    Nigel Kennedy did an all Elgar recording on Chandos, which includes Salut(possibly with cello.) It is a fine programme. Pianist was Peter Pettinger(?) & includes the sonata. Sorry this info. is a bit imprecise!
  14. violian

    Westhoff Suites- please help

    I got the suites through Amadeus publishers, based in Germany, about 4months ago. They cost about £8 in U.K.
  15. One anecdote runs as follows: trying to meet a deadline, a student of composition asked an elder colleague how to achieve atonal inspiration. He suggested taking any classical piece, turning it upside down & then copying it out....apparently it did the trick & he passed that part of studies! Is there a moral in this?