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  1. I was restoring a 1954 Mercedes in the late 1980s and the diesel injector pump was the same as a Japanese truck........mmmm i got away cheaply that day
  2. When I talked to Sam Z. I walked away thinking he was a lot more generous with his knowledge than most makers I’d met
  3. Rip , I certainly valued his books in my early days
  4. I made a Hardanger fiddle using my Native King Billy Pine , I thought the top could be a bit thicker so I glue a big spruce patch between sound holes and replaced bass bar with a spruce one , when I strung it up again the sound had changed a little but I was surprised the character was still the same, not only did I change thickness but wood species as well
  5. I’ve only ever used 192 and never had a problem, i was under the impression 192 would be more flexible than 315 ? Good joins , sizing, room temp, and rub join with a bit of suction at the end , a little puff of steam after it’s together if I’m worried
  6. Yep I spent a whole morning with a real Strad and DG, I’d play one put it down pick up the other, kept doing it over and over, DG had massive arching both front and back my measurements had it at around 18mm
  7. I do a Strad and Guarneri , I had the opportunity to play both side by side when I was in Prague, for me a Strad just lights up like a Christmas tree instantly and immediately gives warmth and joy. The Guarneri was a bit stubborn at first but once I adjusted my bow pressure I could sense a depth of palate that was way more tricky to play with than what my level of playing can explore. I figure I have twice as many opportunities to sell because they are two different animals ps, the last violin I sold was to a Chinese woman , so we can probably let go of our anxiety about their factory instruments, cause now they have money to buy us :-)
  8. There may well be some merit to this , but of course there are 100 other things to get right as well
  9. I've done it , but can't find a supply of specially selected denser wood to warrant doing it all the time, I've used local Tasmanian timbers for bridges and they all worked, not because of wood species, but cause I worked them good:-)
  10. Thanks Ken The drawings are called "Rosing" , it's put on under varnish with ink In the very early ones they had a bit of colour, mostly green and red on the main motif under the bridge, Remembering that these instruments came to light during the late 1600 / early 1700's when it was fashionable for everything to be highly ornate, I suspect the Dutch folk art had a tremendous influence on the region at the time Viola D Amore next , then another Hardanger Cheers Adam
  11. Salve might have an opinion ? Ordering Unknown instruments over the Internet is risky Acoustics can vary heaps just like any normal violin This looks good , amateur Helland and RØstad are my favourite I charge $6500 Aussie
  12. Being an Aussie I'm following this with some interest,
  13. Hobart is a great place to live , humidity very stable around 45-50% , every time I travel I get reminded how good we've got it
  14. I think the frequency response changes, when I drop on the bench from a small height they seem to sound duller, try it with different brand blanks they all vary a bit, , I'm posing the question rather than saying I have discovered an answer
  15. Thanks for your responses , Ben the reason why I have gone down this path is I don't like all the treated bridges , after all the effort of building an instrument I'm ok with an extra couple of hours if it's possible to build a really good bridge I do like Milo Stamm but for my Guarneri I'm looking for something different
  16. I use Hide to glue myrtle cap onto solid body mahogany , works for me
  17. I'm thinking about cutting my own bridge blanks from the same maple as the back, are there any neat little tricks to getting this to work with reasonable results, my initial thoughts are to predrill holes in all places possible and then fret saw
  18. Another option is to just rub the knife blade across the soap, and not apply soap to wood
  19. 39mm FB radius , this is news for me , is this practised by many ?
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