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Adam Humphreys was born and raised in Launceston, Tasmania. He trained as an Navy Clearance Diver ( CD23 ) and five years later as an Architectural Draftsman. It was while living in Sydney, he began to make furniture and learn antique restoration work. In 1995 he began violin making, initially with considerable input and assistance from John Godschall Johnson.

After moving to Hobart, Tasmania in 1998, Adam met Douglas Finlay ( Newark trained ) who has mentored him for many years. Adam has studied Finlay's approach to violin making which involves the adjustment of the frequencies of the violin, combined with a varnishing process that enhances these qualities.

Adam also builds Norwegian Hardanger fiddles, which have 5 sympathetic strings running underneath the fingerboard that resonate when the top strings are played.

Adam changed his surname when he married his partner Alison Edwards and now lives and works from their home in West Hobart