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  1. I've recently fallen in love with Ravel's "Le Trombeau de Couperin" (please forgive my spelling... I know nothing of the French language, I'm just going by how the title sounds when spoken!) I'm usually not a fan of impressionistic music, but the gorgeous oboe solos and the glorious 3rd movement just tear at my heart!
  2. Thanks for your reply! It's really interesting to hear about our conductor from a different perspective... we in the orchestra talk about her plenty and it's cool to see how your opinions are similar and different. Today we had a concert that ended the season, which was her first official season with us, but she has been a guest conductor here many times in the past few years. (This is my second season with the orchestra, so I don't know for how long she's been coming.) Our past conductor was the great Henry Charles Smith, and he and Susan are like night and day! Susan can be very tough on us and she really demands perfection. I think you're right, she needs to warm up to us and get more comfortable with our orchestra... she's not mean at all but I wouldn't exactly call her kind either. Our orch is a semi-professional orch, with only 9 full time players and the rest all part time with other jobs. There are about 5 college students in the orch, including me, and we sometimes feel that she doesn't treat us with much respect because we are younger than everyone else. But she is great with the youth symphonies in town, so who knows. I totally know what you mean about her fashion! It's always interesting to see what she'll wear... :-) Chaskan
  3. That's really cool! Which orchestra do you play in? I am really interested in your opinion about Susan Haig. She is the conductor of my orchestra, the South Dakota Symphony (incidentally, she missed our concert series this weekend because she was with your orchestra... the Toronto Youth Symphony?) She is also the coach of my string quartet. She has worked with some of the youth symphonies in this area, and I was wondering how your orchestra feels about her as a conductor. How long has she been your conductor?
  4. I use a cloth to wrap around the fingerboard before I strap it into the velcro so that the strap doesn't wear into the strings. I don't know if it makes a difference or not but it makes me feel better.
  5. No, bonsai, I'm not bringing my instrument, as I don't know how to play Celtic music (I'm a violist.) I'm going as part of a group from my college's English department to study Irish poetry. I am interested by Irish music, though, and I'm going to try to find some places to hear it.
  6. Maybe I'll see you there! I'm also going on a 10 day trip to Ireland, and I'm leaving in 6 days! I am SO excited! Where in Ireland will you be?
  7. Here's my understanding, from a theory standpoint: The first theme of the exposition is always in the tonic key, and it modulates to the second theme in a different key- the dominant if the piece is in a major key, and the parallel minor, relative minor, or dominant if the piece is in a minor key. The second theme will always end with a definite cadence in it's own key. Then the development begins but keeps exploring new keys. Hope that helps! [This message has been edited by Chaskan (edited 03-03-2002).]
  8. I don't know anything about the place, but here's their website: www.snowviolin.com
  9. Hi, sorry to take so long to reply. Yes, I have had more problems with my Jurgensmeyer, unfortunately. It doesn't work. I'm no technitian, so I can't tell you why, but I click the switch and nothing happens (and yes, I checked the batteries. They're good.) When it was working, I was not impressed with the quality. It wasn't nearly as silent as I had hoped. Also, as ttk said, the bridge is way too high, making the strings painfully far from the fingerboard. I don't think it's worth the money to get all the little problems taken care of. Overall, I would say save your money and buy a better one. Or at least see if you can somehow get your hands on one to try it before you buy it.
  10. Wow, thanks Phantom! (sigh) My hero...
  11. I once heard of a program in Cape Cod during the summertime in which students (or maybe anyone, I'm not sure) can play in the pit orchestra for operas, and live there on a campus or something. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am hoping to get some information about the program, if it exists. Thanks in advance!
  12. "Frames of Mind" by Howard Gardner identifies musicianship as one of the main intelligences. It's interesting, read it.
  13. www.viola.com Click on "articles on viola and violists" and look for David Dalton's article.
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