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  1. quote: Originally posted by simon: Did you go to any sessions in Belfast? I should have thought to recommend some. I'd have suggested meeting up, but I was away in Budapest myself. Where did you go in Galway? The Crane has great sessions, and I've heard good music in Taaffes, though it gets pretty cramped and smokey. Went to Taaffes... stayed for a bit.. though at that point we were reeeeally tired! Also took in a session at another place (forget the name... kinda across the street; the one located right on a corner, w/ entries on either side.... I have to admit, the best sessions we took in were in Doolin... unbelievable musicianship.. so tight, really wonderful. (I actually taped a bit of it w/ small handheld digital recorder!).. If I can figure out the site instructions on igougo... I'll post there. (and here) -bonsai
  2. I'd love to... we took lots of digital photos... Cliffs of Moher, pub sessions, etc... Anyone suggest the best way of making those available to folks here?... -bonsai
  3. Well, we got back a couple days ago... and we're trying to catch up a bit w/ sleep.. absolutely wonderful time!!! Caught several pub sessions on the west coast in Doolin, and another couple in Galway, then up to Belfast for some business, then back down to Doolin for another session before leaving Shannon.. Perfect weather for 10 days, (rained one day for 10 minutes.). Enough pictures to last a lifetime, or at least till we return there! -bonsai.
  4. My teacher contends that in Cape Breton circles, folks believe rosin under the strings leads to a more mellow sound. I personally think some of those folks reach such a level of technical proficiency that they can pretty much do what they want w/out too much fear of criticism. -bonsai.
  5. Let me join the chorus of encouragement! The musical 'love-of-my-life' has been the piano since age 4. I tried picking up the violin at 27 (10 years ago) in support of my daughter's Suzuki lessons, to no avail; it just didn't 'grab me'. Then last year, it just hit me like a ton of bricks; I had to learn the fiddle. Eight months later (averaging 2-3 hours a day practice), I derive so much joy from my fiddle, it's hard to describe it! Looking back, I have to say, I don't think I was ready to start at 27. One more quick point, my teacher is a 3 time national junior Cape Breton fiddle champ (at the ripe old age of 17) yet despite astonishing technical savvy, he doesn't play with the emotional depth that will eventually come with more life experiences behind him. You have that already. -bonsai
  6. Flying overseas via Aer Lingus this Friday... still haven't decided whether to bring the fiddle to Ireland or not.... Anyone w/ recent experience (post 9/11) w/ them????? -bonsai
  7. (having lost my last one...) I made a new mute today. Started w/ two super-strong ceramic magnets (each about the size of a dime), some 5 minute epoxy and a couple small brass fittings to serve as 'handles'. I attached the handles to the magnets, coated each unit with clear nylon-based nail polish and voila. Each sits on either side of my bridge and dampens the tone significantly (and is quite attractive, if I do say so myself).... (Caleb, I think the last mute ended up on the clothes line...) -bonsai
  8. quote: Originally posted by Oldbear: Perhaps the friction at the point where bow meets string causes sufficient heat to melt or otherwise change the structure of the rosin at that point... Has anyone seen a study of this subject? I bet Andrew Victor would have some thoughts on this... Mr. Victor, any chance you're reading this thread?.... -bonsai
  9. If anyone's interested, JohnsonStings has Hill Dark on sale for $4.95, seems pretty cheap to me. http://johnsonstrings.com/catalog/accessor4.htm -bsonai
  10. Rats..... what do you mean you tried Olive and like the Hill Dark better??!!! I thought I'd ended my Perfect Rosin Quest by finding the Olive!!! Arrrgghhh. -bonsai
  11. If you're careful, you can wash as you would your own hair. I unscrew the frog and gather the hair into a small bowl of warm water, to which I've added a couple drops of shampoo (I use Neutrogena as it doesn't have any other dyes, conditioners, etc... but I'm sure you could use others successfully). When you're done, be sure to rinse and blot dry w/ a towel. Couple things to be aware of, I don't re-set my frog in my stick until the hair is really dry... perhaps it's just me, but I cringe at the thought of stretching the wet hair... I'd hate to find I increased the length.. maybe that's not a real concern, though. The other thing you'll need to watch is to make sure you keep the small wooden wedges on either end of the hair absolutely dry at all times. Some folks go so far as to rubber-band a baggie over their frog and tip, though if you're careful, you should be fine. Having said all that, I prefer a fair amount of rosin on my bow, but keep my strings meticulously clean (I like to clean them once a week w/ a small alcohol wipe, like you'd find at the doc's office). I generally clean my bow hair aprox every 2-3 months. enjoy, -bonsai
  12. quote: Originally posted by zizzer fingerz: Thanks for the sound advice Mr.Woof, I admit that with past rosins I've always worn a groove into the surface, and I liked the way it made it easier to apply to the bow. There was nothing more annoying than having your bow slip off the cake (which always happened before my kolstein) but since this kolstein doesn't get a 'guiding groove' I have learnt to be more careful AND I probably do rotate it because I can never see the guidance line. As far as using anything to scratch the surface of rosin, that has never occurred to me so you can't tell me off in that regard and while you're at it, iron your shorts. -bonsai
  13. quote: Originally posted by Yojimbo: The question of the evolutionary value of music is an interesting one also. Its hard to see that there could be any survival value in being able to play, sing, or appreciate complex music. I'm envisioning a busking ape. Maybe that's where hurdi-gurdies came from. -bonsai
  14. quote: Originally posted by zizzer fingerz: One more thing, I recently saw an advert for rosin that contains real gold dust particles, could anyone tell me what the possible benefits of this might be ? Pirastro Gold-Flex Rosin... If you're interested, you can have what I have left of a (fairly new) block... I'm pretty sure I still have it. -bonsai
  15. Pirastro Olive, to me the perfect degree of grab after going through the rosin-of-the-week search for a while... the 'wipe your instrument' could be another thread.. I seem to remember an Olympic marathon winner who didn't wear sneakers... I think flying in the face of convention can be a wonderful thing. -bonsai
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