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  1. Crystal, The Barrra McNeils have a great version of this tune on a tape I have ,I havent listened to it for years but I think the cd is called Rocks in the Stream.This is originally a Robbie Burns poem , I believe.
  2. Type of rosin and AMOUNT of rosin will affect your sound.Different brands give a subtle unique color .I ve tried hill light and dark,shar, and several others and these all seem pretty much the same. Any good rosin will suffice,thats my advice.In swipes of twice,maximum,thrice.Nice...
  3. I was surprised to read that slain jounalist Danny Pearl was an avid classically trained violinist who had a passion for old time style fiddle tunes.He sat in regularly at a D.C. session in a club called Madans Organ,on 18th st., with an outfit called the Big Hillbilly Bluegrass band.His band mate Bob Perilla said'the transition from classical to fiddle is almost insurmountable,but Pearl pulled it off.He was a dam good amateur player...he had a passion for the music.' It goes on to say that his favourite tune was Redhaired Boy,and he once played before 60,000 people at an outdoor festival in Iceland.
  4. Have you tried Guiness?Beer I mean,not strings.Seriously,I find that the tone of my violin and my satisfaction/acceptance of it is very much tied in to my over all state of mind.The more relaxed I am the better my practice and the better everything sounds.Often an early morning session leaves me wanting to change strings ,bow violin etc.,but a mellow evening session often accompanied by a Guiness leaves me feeling most content with my sound . In other words,the problem may not be in our stars,but in ourselves.
  5. I am ready to give this a try,mostly because I feel the need for a fine tuner on the a string and dont want to put my wittner tailpiece back on,as I prefer the sound with an ebony tailpiece. Are there any fine tuners for an a string that dont stick out,as there are for the e?Also what steel a would suit obligato g and d,or any basic sythetic combo?I wonder what a string A.S Mutter uses?Do any of you folks favor this configuration?
  6. Buying a violin without trying it and being able to examine it first is EXACTLY akin to buying a used car based solely on a few photos and the salesmans well greased pitch. I would buy strings ,cases books etc.,on ebay but never again will I buy a fiddle online.In my case I bought a German violin that was supposed to be 100 years old.It was German,about 40 years old ,in ok shape(no cracks but needing a bridge,post new strings,about 100.00 in all).I only paid 135.00 US,but add on duty into canada,exchange of currency,the money order and the shipping ,plus the set up and it came to much more.The worst part of it all was the awful,thin ear rattling tone .I was elated to get rid of it in a trade in on my new Chinese/American fiddle.I lost a few hundred and nearly developed tinitus,so buyer be very ware,indeed.
  7. Lately.I have been playing with very little tension on the hair.The hair is so slack that it nearly touches the stick and I must play up near the tip or down around da frog.The tone of my violin is remarkedly improved with slacker hair.There is less tension and more tone gets drawn out.I was ready to shop for another better bow,but my luthier said that next rehair time I could get a shoprter hair lenghth,allowing me to tighten the frog,not bottom out and still sound sweet as silk.
  8. I too once felt da **** need t'stay away but suffered some compellin'need t'return daily.Slap mah fro!Still,de bo'ds not so's baaaad.Yo'wuz among de best,what is it mama!Go if ya mus'but try t'keep away.Slap me fro!
  9. I too once tried to stay away from this board,but suffered a compelling urge to return,daily.Its a not so bad.Still High Strung,your posts are good,among the best.Go if you must-but just try and keep away.
  10. Thats really heartbreaking to read,Crystal.Did Greta post here?What a loss,I can only hope her family finds peace and that Gods will is done.
  11. I dont get bored with fiddle tunes as such,although I can see why some might.The tunes are similar,but I find that the repetitive riffs awaken a door inside .They stir me up and connect me to my muse.I guess thats the point and it works for me,but I will admit that sometimes a cd will get on my nerves a bit ,after several repeated listenings in heavy traffic for example.In that case I switch to silence. Lately I find that classical violin compositions are a bit boring and repetitive actually.
  12. quote: Originally posted by illuminatus: When I saw their last catalog, those violins were highly recommended by Zuckerman. Thanks for the warning...
  13. Y.F., seems that so many factors that are interdependent come together to make the sound we love.You might try a Eudoxa e ,I was told that it is the softest,mellowist e,and they worked for me on one particularly brash fiddle i had from ebay.But on my new fiddle the basic tonica e is sweetest.I also notice that choice of bow really changes the tone. Dont overlook the eudoxa e ,a potential godsend.
  14. I am going with the tried and true cassette recorder.
  15. I hear you Tropical,but a big reason that I love fiddle more than classical violin is that I can get away from scales,appreggios,vibrato,etc.,and basically just WAIL.My level of technique allows me to choose between being a half decent fiddler or a third rate violinist.Make that fourth rate.AS a playing for fun,over forty guy the path was clear.
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