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  1. Has anyone heard of a French cello maker by the name of F. Richard? I believe he worked sometime between l900 and l920. I am interested in information about him and the value of cellos made by him. Thanks - Barbara
  2. I am looking for a recording of the Mozart Trio in F Major - K439b (anh229). Our arrangement is for two violins and cello, but the piece may have been written for other instruments. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Barbara
  3. It may take more time. My husband had a terrible ear infection last year and it took a few weeks for his hearing to be normal again. Some of the current bacteria are resistant to antibiotics and take longer to get better. If you are still having trouble after 10 more days, see an ear specialist. Good luck. : Hello everyone, : : Last week I had a bad ear infection in my right : ear. Well, the infection is more or less gone, : but my hearing is still the pits. No only can : I hear less, but I hear a half tone higher in : my right ear as in my left ear. I can't play : in tune at all because of this discrepency!! : All music sounds really out of tune and warped, : especially the hight instruments. : This is a horrible condition. My doctor gave : my ginga bolba for the improvement of the circulation : in the ear, and says wait and see if it doesn't : get better in the next 10 days. I sure hope so, : because usually I have a very good sense of pitch : and intonation. But now it is a disaster! : Any helpful comments or words of encouragement, : anyone? : Thanks, Melinda
  4. I have a ten year old who has been studying violin for three years (at her request). She plays very well, and is in community and school orchestras. Recently, she has become very resistant to practicing - and I am very tired of fighting each day about this subject. She is unwilling to concede the connection between practicing and success at playing, although she likes the attention she gets for playing well. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? I am assuming that part of the problem is that she is 10 and a half and experiencing all of the hormonal changes that come with being a preteen. Her teacher is wonderful, very patient and gentle -- however, I know he gets frustrated with her because he thinks she has talent, and isnt giving everything she could. Thanks
  5. We are considering purchasing a 3/4 violin for my daughter which has a label that says Antonio Loveri, violinmaker. Imported by Tonk Brothers Company. Made in Germany. I do not know how old the instrument is. Is anyone familiar with the luthier? Thank you.
  6. I am looking for a recording of the Vivaldi Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 7 No. 12. My daughter has just begun to study this piece and I would like her to hear it played with piano accompaniment. I tried to find it at the local music stores and have had no success. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. I read with interest the discussion about the new Glasser composite bow. Do they make one for the cello? or just violin? If yes, has anyone tested one? Thanks
  8. We have just purchased a cello for my son who is an intermediate level cello student and are in the market for a bow. We have tried out two Alfred Knoll bows -- the one my son likes is pernambuco wood and is #190 or 190K. The shop is asking $491 for the bow and the price is within our range, but I have no way of judging if this is a good price. Any suggestions. Should we try others by mail order? Which ones? My son really likes this bow but he has only tried three other good ones, and we are very inexperienced about this. Thanks
  9. We are buying my son his first cello and have found one we like very much. We have looked at an SKB hard case for it and are concerned that it is too heavy. Is there another case that folks would recommend that is reasonably priced ($400 or under mail-order) and that would protect the cello and not be too heavy. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. I am looking for arrangements of Jewish or Israeli music to be played as a cello solo (with or without piano accompaniment). My son is interested in learning some for a concert. He is able to play pieces of intermediate difficulty.
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