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  1. I'm just wondering, does the infeld blue whistle as much as the red? I have the red E on and it whistles too much.I like the rest of the strings (G,D,A) and wondering which E string would go together with these strings but does not whistle as much, or better, does not whistle at all.
  2. Just for a note,I read in the newspaper and it says this album is truly a pop album in the sense that unlike her previous albums, every composition is original and not taken from something older and turning it into 'pop'.
  3. I was just looking at the names of Italian violin makers and the name Giovanni Batistta comes up so frequently eventhough the last name is different???Is that a very common name violin makers like to use? Just wondering as usual.
  4. Granny


    I 've only used 3 different types of strings.I like Corelli Alliance for its body but the strings are very hard and my fingerpads hurts.I've also tried the Infeld Red, they're decent, could have been better, smooth string but not enough body for me and the E string whistle too much.I have nothing to complain about Dominant but I'm exploring other string brands soon.
  5. I listen to Mariah Carey, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Moby all the time.Music is music....no sins in whatever genre you listen to.
  6. I'm a music student but I do not study in a conservatory.Besides studying my major instrument of my choice (violin) I also studies the usual theory and history and not so common music tech and world music and also a few elective subjects not related to music at all.I got accepted to a music conservatory but I choose against one because of the madness I've come across in most of conservatory students, the over zealous practicing and partly, I guess I'm just not cut for it.I'm enjoying my life every single minute of it and I'm hoping to keep it that way forever.
  7. Has anyone listened to her latest pop album.I watched her first single called 'Destiny' and I thought it was really interesting.
  8. Some labels are placed in such an angle that its so difficult for someone who didn't know earlier that it's there.So far, no one has ever managed to locate the label in my violin eventhough its right there all the while.I've got to tell them to tilt the violin a certain angle before they'll go.......ahhh...I found it.If that was an intention of the maker, I think that was a very clever thing to do.
  9. Thanks Altgeige, Anyway, upon checking my violin, I realised I have 2 repaired sound post cracks which runs almost parallel to each other at the bottom side of my violin.They're both very long, perhaps 5 to 6 inches each.I'm assuming it has been repaired because I could see many tiny wood patches through the f-hole.Sometimes, I do get worry about my violin developing more cracks but that means I'm taking even better care of it every moment.I bought it because it sounded great and affordable.Anyway, how much value does a sound post crack detracts?No wonder I got my violin cheap.Hmmm
  10. Does soundpost crack means the body of the violin touching the soundpost cracks?
  11. I've just listened to HVK's first caprice. Plenty of exeburance and spirit there.Also plenty of intonation problems but a good bow arm you have there. From reading HVK's post, I must have thought he played better than Zimerman but anyway, I do enjoy his eagerness in music.Keep practicing and I have no doubt you be a fine one.
  12. What violin does Kennedy plays on in his 2nd recording of Elgar's concerto? I like his tone.Very passionate.
  13. What I meant is a composer that almost solely composed for the violin, Paganini is the closest to this description but I don't think his music is tracendental. Any true music lover will know Sarasate, Kreisler, Ernst (gasp!) and Paganini are 2nd rate composers.There has yet to be one genius for the violin.
  14. I seriously feel there's yet to be one composer who composed tracendental music for the violin.For example, pianist are blessed with Chopin and Liszt which technique is not merely the case here but has some great depth of beauty, inovations in harmony and structure. Whats your opinion anyway?
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