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  1. Hello! I just bought a used Yamaha elecric. I mostly wanted it for practice, but noticed I could not plug it into my amp as it the outlets were not 1/4 inch size but the small, earphone size openings. Anyone know if I can still get the cords somewhere or what to ask for at Radio Shack or somewhere? Music store did not carry! Thanks a bunch!!!!
  2. If any one gets the chance to see Glenn Graham play in person....go!! He is becoming one of my favorite fiddlers! Amazing "square dance" player! He also writes his own tunes, some of which, I am sure will quickly be considered great "traditional" tunes. His latest CD showcases some of his talent. The cd also has contemporary pop songs, but well worth the purchase even if, like me, you are just looking for the fiddle music.
  3. Oh, sorry!!! THe show she was on was called "rehearsal hall" This was the second time I have seen it, so it will probably be on again!
  4. For those of you wanting to see Natalie MacMaster, and have a channel called "Bravo" can check her out on TV tonight! (Repeat broadcast)She plays, as she is known for, a variety of different styles. It is also interactive, so she chats a bit with the audience. If you are interested in "Cape Breton Style" fiddle, she plays a couple good sets here. People ask me sometimes who the best fiddle is(out of all the local fiddlers)... and I think she has got to be. But to be honest for a complete Cape Breton "feel" I prefer seeing Buddy, or Howie etc. (Sorry Nat) But check this program out tonight!! Excellent!! As usual, Natalie dazzles the audience!!
  5. Hi again! All great questions, some that i want to find answers to myself!! I wonder about the animal thing, I know you will most likely see a moose on your travels in your car. I am sure the hiking trails are all monitored, and are set up to prevent large animals from entering the area. I have never heard anyone say they ran into a bear on one of the trails. I have only been "around the trail" twice so I am not an expert. Fly dope, well, gee, I thought there were flies everywhere!! Dope is just the name of a repellent, like "Off" (another name brand if you never heard of it" also Skin so Soft, a hand lotion works well. A big problem? In the evenings they may get bad. Usually mosquitos are bothersome to me personally. But it will not be something you will worry about.You can buy repellents at small convenience stores, or large grocery stores, or wal-mart! If you go to a ceilidh dance, or you will hear them called square dances, in a lot if you any your husband watch a couple "sets" and then want to join in, you will most likely be welcomed in! When they see you have no idea what your doing ...well it depends on the people in that group, some really like to teach people, and will point you in the right direction, others will still teach you, but will literally nudge you in the right direction. Yes, alot of fun, and definitely join in! Where do they take place? Another good question for me! Usually I just depend on friends saying "hey Buddy's playing in Mabou tomorrow, wanna go?" When I find out dates, I will Post! "They said there is a great spot for swimming near by, but isn't the water freezing cold up there?" Your from the States right?! Working in hotel in July I was once asked on the phone if there was igloos near by!! You can wear shorts and t-shirts I promise you! However, there is a saying in Cape Breton that if you dont like the weather, wait five minutes! Because it can change quite a bit, one day hot, the next cold! In general though, June, July August will be mainly in the 20's and on occasion the 30's (70's low 80's, occasionaly 90's) This is perfect for me, i dont know how people could stand the 100's every day!! September though, like i mentioned is the start of fall and some days will be hot, other days cool,(pants, sweater)The water will still be "warm." I rarely swim after August to be honest with you. Usually the air has the coolness in it that makes it hard to get back out of the water! But no matter where you are, there will be great swimming near by! Most of the Cabot trail is along the ocean, Ingonish beach is absolutely gorgeous! On the other side is Inverness beach which I really love! Tons of other beaches, oceans, lakes. Only St. Annes is always freezing for some reason!! But again, I dont swim much when September hits. I dont know alot about the college fiddle classes. It was my understanding that you sign up for a few months. But again, I dont know much about it! I will find out for you though! How long are you staying in Cape Breton? Someone will slap me in the wrist for saying this because I may be wrong, but I am not sure if you can "be totally immersed in FIDDLE" every day. For performances anyway. Usually every week there will be at least one event somewhere, But I am not sure if I wanted to see fiddlers play every night for a week if I could do it. But let me get back to you on that when I really look into it. As for roads, that is a long drive! When you hit Nova Scotia, YOu will shortly be in Amherst, then you take the main highway to Truro, follow the signs to Cape Breton. You will go through New Glasgow, and Antigonish (as the other main areas)Alot of the highway is double and speed limit will be 100-110km/h (62-68mph) When you hit Cape Breton, you will cross a causway. I always find the little section there a bit confusing. Follow the signs to Baddeck(if that is where you want to head) Not to St Peters. All Drives will be scenic for alot of parts, but if you are heading to Baddeck, and not Sydney, you don't want to take "route 4" as this is on the other side of the Bras'dor lakes from Baddeck. Either way, some of the drive gets a bit curvy, and speedlimit will be lowered. Good luck! Have fun, and I will repost when I know a bit more! Sorry if this message is too long as it is!
  6. Hi! I got alot of help when I planned my trip to Scotland, so i thought return the favor to someone. As a Cape Bretoner, hotel employee, and someone who loves celtic music, here are a few things i can think of. September will be a good time. Good points and bad points. Less busy with traffic, attractions, accomodations etc, weather is cooler though but yet, too early for autumn leaves. However, September is still a busy time for bus tours, and you are not gauranteed a hotel room. So find a room early afternoon. Even in September, some hotel rooms will be sold out, and there is not alot to choose from. Sydney is the biggest city on the island, and a good spot for "home base" for some of your trip, but believe it or not, there is not alot of fiddle music right in the city. Occasionally, there will be people like Howie Macdonald etc in a local tavern, but basically the bar scene is top ten music for young people. However, Louisbourg playhouse had great music all last summer and is only about 20 min from Sydney. The gaelic college in St anne's is not too far either. These events usually start at 7pm, so it will be dark when you drive home if you dont like night driving. September, like i said, can bring some cool nights, so tenting may be rough. But I am sure there are bed and breakfasts around. For a scenic drive, The Cabot trail is a must! This should be a day trip. Bring a lunch, and make sure you do some of the walking trails. We want the tourism in Cape Breton, of course, but Halifax would be a good stop too. A bit more expensive, but often you can catch Cape Breton music in one of the many bars. Glenn Graham, Howie Macdonald, Brenda Stubbert, Buddy Macmaster, Etc etc, are all great fiddle players and if you get a chance, check them out! I have yet to check into concert, festival, square dance dates myself, so I cant help ya there. I am sure there are web sites out there though. http://www.capebretonet.com/ is one! Good luck! If you need any more info, feel free to email me
  7. Hi! I am planning on ordering a bow from Shar. I think i will try the musicary carbon fiber one, as well as some others in that price range. Has anyone gone through the bow approval service from Shar?? Any problems,long mailing period, extra costs you were not aware of etc?? Any help will be great! THanks!
  8. Hi, Just a short question-- What is a graft... and is it good or bad? Thanks
  9. Does anyone know where Natalie MacMaster bought her chinrest? It sort of looks like it wraps around the bottom of the violin, and it looks comfortable! Thanks!
  10. I was considering getting a bow from the Shar company... mabey in the 300 dollar range!... Any comments on their products? Or suggestions on what name to buy... I notice there are a couple in the same price range! thanks
  11. I am having a tough time learning to have a good vibrato... any suggestions? Thanks
  12. I want to thank any posters for their comments! I guess sanding is the wrong thing to do!!! I should mention..I do have another beautiful fiddle that i use. I just thought this other one might make a nice little project of making it look half decent. I did try polishing it, which made it a bit better, but it is hard to describe the problem with the finish on top..it is very rough, and polish just sticks to it. Also..a part is down to the bare wood since a guy must have used it for years without a chin rest. I guess i will just leave it as it is though. Thanks for your suggestions!!
  13. I have a old old fiddle..multiple problems..cracked pegbox,re-set neck, huge crack along bass bar, too much glue around seems (that wont come off) and it looks bad..finish is horrible.. i dont know what it is called..but the finish has become very rough in parts..almost a white "substance"... but anyway..all of these problems are repaired to be able to play..and i like the sound enough, but it looks horrible..and the pegbox was "fixed" by slapping peices of wood on each side..so i dont know if it has great resell value. My question..can i sand this instrument down and get someone to refinsh..or what should i do?!?!
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