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  1. I also have a seiko - it's really great and has a 440 A too. My teacher has this blue Korg metronome, I don't know what it's called - but it's super loud.
  2. does anyone know offhand if there's sheet music online for the bach double? tia
  3. I got roped into helping a neighbor practise - basically. I guess it's somewhat of a good thing that we have the same teacher. If anyone else has ever done this - any tips, do's, don'ts in 'tutoring' violin? How can I keep this forced practicing interesting? tia!
  4. So many have suggested a mirror - I've been practising at night a lot in my room and with my light on, my window makes a pretty darned good mirror. Tips - I've had many, but the one that popped into my head right away was one about the contact that your hand has with the bow. It doesn't matter what else you do with your bowarm if you can't transfer what you're doing into the bow. (However, bowhold is an individual thing - there are guidelines and there are a few definite don'ts, but, as my teacher says when I've asked a lot of questions and still can't get somewhere, experiment!)
  5. Wow - many thanks! I practised for almost two hours yesterday and my hand felt fine, though a little akward since I'm not used to it yet. I was sitting in lectures today practising my bow hold I think the main problem was that my index was climbing up on the stick, too far away from my other fingers. Time to practise!
  6. I feel a little silly asking this, seeing as I've been playing since I was too little to remember...but how do you hold the bow? I know that this varies from person to person. My teacher recently told me that the main contact should be with the middle and ring-finger, right under the knuckle (the one closest to the tip), and also with the eye of the frog. It worked wonders for my sound for a week, but last week I noticed I was putting so much pressure on my first finger that it started getting numb. Any exercises to stop this? Also, somewhat related, I've heard about each finger having a different function in the bow hold...what are the functions of each finger? Thanks!
  7. I was just asking my teacher that last week. Mine does it also about 3/4 way to the tip and she says she has a few other students' bows that also do that. She says it's the stick and what i should do to help it a little is to push the thumb into the stick a little more.
  8. I'm trying the forths too. I'm using the exercises from sevcik...any other ways? You know, just for variety? =)
  9. As far as Irish tunes go, there are a few on the internet. http://www.ceolas.org/tunes/ has links to a few different places. John Walsh's has quite a few tunes that I've found playing at sessions. Some sites have a search, such as http://www.thesession.org and those are good when you remember a tune name and want to find music for it. If you don't already know how, I strongly suggest you learn how to read ABC - it's actually really easy once you get into it and much easier to write down if you're listening to a recording and trying to put it on paper. Sometimes you can find big ABC files and if there's just a part of a tune you have stuck in your head and you don't know what it's called - it's easy to search for that fragment and find the tune. Happy fiddling!
  10. I've found that to be helpful as well. Also, to add to that, I find that I'm more aware of the sound I'm producing when I'm not looking at the music. It helps even to close your eyes =)
  11. Thank you all so much! I want to whip out the instrument right now and practise (but it's a little too late to mbe making noise here!) The "perfecting ones' mistakes" has come across my mind before but I've never really thought about it. (Weird mind, yes) And now that you mention it - I do often get into mindless practising after a few repetitions without realizing my brain has turned off! bicunica and technique_doc - mostly left hand issue. There are one ore two spots that is the bow arm. The one that was really bugging me when I decided I really needed to post was the part (in 2nd mvmt) when there is the whole exchange with the flute; arpeggios of sorts...
  12. I'm working on the 2nd movement of the Scottish Fantasy right now and there are quite a few passages that I really need to clean up intonation-wise and also just making it cleaner. I can spend up to 15 minutes every day playing a few bars over and over without really getting anywhere. If I get it, the next day I find I have to start over again. My teacher tells me what to do in my lesson and I can do it there for one or two times - but when I get home I just can't get it! I know practising takes time - but should it really take *that* long?!! How do some of you approach such problem spots?
  13. I just played the Sinding Suite for my performer's certificate recital - I didn't want to learn a concerto so my teacher suggested I play this piece - 3 movements like a concerto - get a recording by Perlman - I was totally blown away! It's a really fun piece =)
  14. interesting, thanks! I haven't been online for a bit - but I'll go try that right away
  15. A little extra advice - practice bowing two strings at once - just use the open string. Just play long notes and try to remember what it feels like to hold the bow at that angle. You shouldn't have to press hard at all and as far as the weight of the bow goes, it should be pretty much the same as just playing on one string.
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