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  1. The Sears Craftsman low-speed, wet sharpener. Great idea (170rpm reversible, water cooled) super low price ($50 USD), super bad performance: It has too much vertical wobble, and the tool rests are worthless. Potentially a good candidate to turn into a workable tool sometime in the future, but for now it just sits. --Bruce
  2. Luckily others had cameras and they should be posting them soon...Bob, Jade? Plus some measurements were taken. That was an awesome meeting! Let's recap: 1. Titian Strad!!!!! 2. Bergonzi!!!! 3. Amati!!!!! 4. Cho-Liang Lin just dropping by!!!!!! 5. Cheap maple (from William Fulton emptying his stockpiles)! You never know what you'll experience when you come to a SCAVM meeting! WOW! Don - I liked your pic better than mine, but here's the one with me and the TITIAN STRAD! --Bruce
  3. FREE BEER??!!! They said it came with free advice, which I received oodles of. Perhaps I got the wrong honorarium? ...or perhaps a Heroe's gift certificate is in the mail...
  4. This was the first year I have attended. I, too, could only attend a week but was fortunate to be able to. However I was there the week after you, Ken, and all I kept hearing was how quiet it was without Ken! Someone dubbed me the Honorary Ken on the last day of my week - since I have never met you, I'm not quite sure if that's a good or bad honorarium!!! I've put in my deposit for week #1 next year - perhaps we'll meet then. Oh...agree with everything said about Jim Brown's great organization and set-up, and how wonderful Michael is as a teacher! --Bruce
  5. Thanks Robert!!! Very humorous and reassuring... Best advice of all: "Don't assume that there's only one way to do it. Think as you work. Slavishly following someone else's procedure may not work for you." In general, I found that slavishly following someone else's procedure was a very good thing...except for the sound post. Having just set-up my first violin (still in the white), I relate to every part of this...thanks! --Bruce
  6. Don...very nice. I hope this is the pace of building I can expect when I retire! Did you bring this to the last SCAVM meeting - I couldn't be there. Looking forward to playing it. I'm just now planing my FB. --Bruce
  7. fiddlecollector: Yes - thanks for the correction - I've edited my response --Bruce
  8. Mike - would you buy it if you could save 498 Euros? Look closer, the pre-order price is ONLY 500 Euros. [EDIT: it looks as if I'm the one who needs to look more closely - it is 998 Euros after 500 savings! YIKES!!!} --Bruce ------------------ "Do not fret; it leads only to evil."
  9. Don - I just might take you up on that! My employer is forcing us to take 5 days vacation this quarter (it helps their bottom line by reducing the vacation backlog) so I'll coordinate with you offline on a good day for you. --Bruce ------------------ "Do not fret; it leads only to evil."
  10. Hi Mike, I wish I could say I used some well-established (if there is one) method, but I didn't. Reading and talking with others it seems there are three camps: 1) sophisticated electronic means (requires sophisticated electronics - or a day in Don Noon's garage) 2) manually tapping/flexing (requires experience ) 3) formulaic (40mm from each end: 13mm at peak; peak placed in middle (or somewhat lower). Requires a ruler (and remembering to properly thickness the bar before gluing) I chose #3. For this one. --Bruce
  11. Unbelievable...7 replies, 7 answers - just what I expected! In another sense though, they are all the same: consider the overall structure of the BB, and do what I think is best for this violin. This was really useful from all of you because rather than just dictating the "right" answer, you've asked me to make my own judgment after giving me the key points to consider. So I've decided: I will leave it alone. A few of you mentioned the overall mass and since my plate is about 3 or 4 grams lighter than my target this adds some back - albeit at the expense of a little more longitud
  12. I receive so much wonderful support through my SCAVM membership that I feel adulterous coming here for help! But I don't want to wait for the next meeting, so I respectfully ask this forum's advice... This is really a two-part question: 1) Having fitted, glued, and shaped the bass bar to my violin top I only now remember that I forgot to thickness it to 5.5mm. Any thoughts on how to thin it from 6.3mm to 5.5mm without removing it? Using a knife to carefully pare it to the proper thickness might be best, but there is danger cutting into the top. 2) What if I left it at 6.3mm - wh
  13. I fitted the bar on the wrong side some years ago.... Sorry that my first post to this forum fits this category, but I just fitted, glued and tapered my violin bass bar before thinning it to 5.5mm. I'm wondering if I should attempt to fix this - risking damaging the top plate - or leave it at the current 6.3mm? TIA, --Bruce