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    Sat.November 13th, 8 pm. At the FIDDLE HOUSE 5543 34th Ave NE Seattle, Wa. 206-729-3434 2nd annual concert featuring 3 fiddle champs. Gary Lee Moore,past Nat. Adult Fiddle Champion, Pete Martin,past National Adult Fiddle Champion, Mike Oenbring, one of the best fiddlers to come out of Kansas. With Rich Levine on guitar. $8 Adults, kids under 10, half price. If you are in Seattle come by, last year it was sold out, great fiddle playing, powerful back up on guitar, tenor guitar, tenor banjo. Starts at 8 pm, BYOB, some refreshments available.
  2. glmfiddler

    What is in your CD player?

    Right today it's: Merle Haggard "Best damn fiddle player in the world' (the Bob Wills tribute album) Little Joe Carson Shane Cook Orville Burns and a homemade Major Franklin/Omega Burden CD. But it'll change soon... See y'all. glm.
  3. glmfiddler

    North Cascades Fiddlin Contest

    Jane, if you DO make it up for the contest. I'll be either beating guitar, tenor guitar, tenor banjo, or playing my fiddle on Friday night in Brad's art shop on Main street, all night long. We'll be whoopin it up in there, across from that Duck restaurant place next to the plumbing shop, you can't miss the racket! There will be quite a few top notch fiddle players there. Or stop by and say hi on Saturday, I'm the emcee on the stage all day long there. Gary Lee.
  4. August 23rd, Winthrop, Wa. East of the Cascades. Get your fiddle out, it's a blast. Check it out here: I'll be playing the concert in the park the next day, Texas fiddlin. See y'all there. Gary Lee.
  5. glmfiddler

    What does everyone do?

    I am a landscape gardener in Seattle, Wa. Doing it for 15 years here now. And am leaving in the morning for the National Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho. YeeHaw. glm.
  6. June 16th-21st, Weiser, Idaho. It's a week long, at least, lots of fiddling. Check it out. Weiser High School, Weiser, Idaho Third Full Week In June, 51st Annual, over 350 contestants from throughout the United States compete for over $23,000 in money and trophies. Plus just plain camp out, don't enter, and have a good time for a week.
  7. glmfiddler

    Violin shops in Dublin and Seattle

    David Stone's place is a nice comfortable shop. In the University District, N.Seattle. Real friendly, not snobby at all. And Armin isn't in Fremont anymore. He is a couple miles north of that old location you are thinking of. He moved a few years ago. He isn't far from Stone's. I live a couple blocks from Dusty Strings myself. That's all. glm.
  8. glmfiddler

    What Bows Is Everyone Using?

    Same one I've used for 32 years now. F.A.Nurnberger. It's an old one and can't be beat. glm.
  9. glmfiddler

    Suspension Cases

    You asked for replies about damage, here is mine. About 30 years ago while driving to a fiddle contest, a friend's violin was in a Lifton shaped case. It was leaned up against the front seat of the truck with the base of it resting on the floor. I turned a corner and it slid and fell down next to the gearshift. It only fell 3 or 4 inches and was stood back up till we got to the contest. When she opened the case to play, the fiddle had the neck broken clean in half in the middle of the heel of the neck. When the case tipped over it seemed like no big deal, didn't fall hard at all. The violin was eventually repaired in San Diego and the repair held for years. I lost track of her and the fiddle. I used a Lifton shaped case for almost 40 years with no problem at all. But I am real careful with my instrument and all. A few years ago I got a real great deal on an almost brand new Sillouette American Case on ebay. When it got to me I realized it would be the very best case for me. It is very good case. Is arched on both top and bottom,slim, relatively light, and has worked just great for me in all aspects. Only thing I don't like is that it is black and heats up fast outdoors if it was to be left in the sun. It is leather covered with the nylon outside deal over that.I just wish I had one of these cases for my old tenor guitar also! Anywho, I put in a good word for suspension, and the American Case in particular. That's all. Gary Lee Moore.
  10. glmfiddler

    New fiddle case

    For what it's worth, I have an American Case Company Sillouette case. It is a suspension, hydrometer, 4 bows, a really nice safe case. glm.
  11. glmfiddler

    How many fiddling styles?

    I would have to weigh in for Texas style fiddling, that's what I do. glm.
  12. glmfiddler

    Do you play another instrument?

    Yup, I have played the fiddle for 46 years, Texas style for 31 of them. Also play my old Gibson J-35, my Gibson SJ, and my old Martin tenor guitar. Play them all the time. glm.
  13. glmfiddler

    Fiddle session list

    Here's what Pete, Mike, amd I played last Friday night. It is a bit different than the tunes folks mention here: Cripple Creek, Hot Springs, Kansas City Kitty, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Black&White Rag, Rabbit, Where's your Mammy,Billy in the Lowground,Waltz You Saved for Me,Georgia Camp Meetin,Jack of Diamonds,Forked Deer,Martha Campbell, Blue Eagle, Texas Serenade, Redskin Rag, Beaumont Rag, Twinkle Little Lonestar,Acorn Hill Breakdown, Choctaw,Cotton Picker Rag,Luther Lively,Old Grey Mare Come a'Chargin out the Wilderness,George Booker,Durang's Hornpipe, Bonnie Kate,Done Gone,Comin down to Denver,Leather Britches,Natchez Under the Hill,Redbird Hornpipe,Smith's Reel, Soppin the Gravy,Snowshoes'Tugboat, Tom&Jerry,Wild John, Wagoner Hornpipe,Uncle Pig, Walk Along JOhn. There must have been a bunch more, I didn't get home till 4 am. I reckon it was the refreshments that cloud my memory. glm.
  14. It was Shuback's. It was 1975 and I had just gotten 7th place in the National Fiddle contest. I was so proud. And wanting to look at Nurnberger bows to spend my prize money on. He was at the counter downstairs, I didn't know who he was. Someone in the shop recognized me and started bragging me up. He asked me to play him a tune. So I did, and they gave him one of those Russian fiddles with no edges. He tucked it under his chin, no shoulder rest, nothing, and began playing Turkey in the Straw. It was too violiny, and I began to laugh. So we ended up talking, I had a wonderful time with him and it is a memory I cherish. It took me about a year to learn just how famous he was in the violin world. glm.
  15. If you are talking music, I had a great time with Perlman once in a shop in Portland, Ore. We talked a long time, even played a fiddle tune together. Otherwise, these guys were great! Don Drysdale Bob Gibson Bobby Hull Yogi Berra All good folks. glm.