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  1. I can understand your position, but I must respectfully disagree. Heidi simply does a better job than any other music store I've been to. I personally don't mind paying a little extra for the services offered at Frank's. It seems to me that 300% is a pretty inflated figure. Even when I was a poor college student, I still thought it was worth spending my money at her shop. I would rather have my dollars go towards a business where: 1) They have more music than anyone else. In stock. I don't have to let the store bill my card, then order it from the publisher. I take the elevator up to her shop, and take the elevator down with a nice bag of music. 2) An individual receives the benefits of my purchase. Heidi has owned the joint for something like 30 years, there no multi-national corporation involved, no team of minimum-wage earning minions trolling about -- she actually cares enough to do a great job. It's the same reason I'll pay more for lettuce at a farmer's market. I get helped by the actual person who has been digging around in the dirt to get what you need. 3) I feel like I'm contributing to the classical music community. Almost every time I go into the shop, I run into either a friend, or a celebrity-musician, or downright interesting person. The internet might offer slightly lower prices than a real shop, but it can not offer real interactions. Don't you think that for the same reason that top-notch violinists gets to charge a higher fee, Heidi should be allowed to? They both manage to do a better job than the rest of the competition. I think it is important that the classical community takes care of it's own.
  2. I've been a longtime customer at Frank Music Company in NYC. Heidi seems to have a larger selection of music --in stock-- than any place I've ever seen.
  3. Vivaldi Here is the music for both, but you have to pony up some cash. It is always good to keep publishers in business.
  4. Waxman Scroll down to about the middle of the page. Anyone who offers you a photocopy of this piece of music is breaking the law.
  5. I'm so shocked to hear this. Mr. Coleman was the teacher who turned me from a "kid who just played violin" to a violinist. He was a fine teacher and, more importantly, a wonderful person. His death is truely a great loss to the music world.
  6. I'm pretty sure wikipedia is wrong. I'll bet they are talking about this
  7. I have no clue where this fits into the thread, but I would be quite happy to shell out 1500 bucks for a beautiful case like Glenn posted. They are gorgeous!!
  8. I don't think I'm a real violinist, but I don't like the bow grip so much. Although I'm sure it works for the person using it, I feel that their knuckles should be flatter. This would make their fingers rounder and push (at least) the index finger a little further up the stick. I also think, as an example, they might want to bend their thumb a little more. While the thumb does move throughout the bow stroke, it is important to teach people to hook the thumb. It's much easier to learn how to straighten it from a bent position than to have to learn how to bend your thumb after playing with it straight for a long time. Having said that, a bow grip is very personal, all had shapes are different, and different people teach different things.
  9. I believe the 45 degree thumb angle refers to the angle of the joint closest to the tip of the thumb. It's also important that the thumb be across the stick from the middle finger.
  10. Those cases look really cool!! I'm no prude when it comes to spending money on a good case, but $4k.....thats a lot. Like 300% more than most top of the line cases. Do you think there is a market to be found?
  11. In that price range, It might be good to check out John Hsu, he is also in the W 54th building. David Segal at 74 W 68th is also worth a visit.
  12. That lady is a hoot. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!
  13. I would totally buy a lint ball from a strad! Especially if it came out of a famous one.
  14. I can't find the listing, not that I could tell you anything about it if I could. Care to give us a link?
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