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  1. Hello, just these few months, my intonation has just gone crazy, it was fine before!! This is really really frusrating me!!!!! My teacher said that i'm too focused on the music "in my head" and is not listening to the sound i'm accually producing.. and that i need to stand back from the music and really listen to what i'm playing... i'm finding it really hard to get back to playing in tune now... has anyone had this problem before? Can anyone give me any advice on this? Thanks!
  2. Hello. I've being playing for about 2 years and recently just got a new teacher. She told me that the bow must be on the string BEFORE i pull it... ALWAYS.! I've always found to start moving the bow before it touches the string like what Wrighter has just said and it can reduce the bounce. But my teacher said the other way makes a clearer sound ...what do you fokes think?
  3. Kevin


    There are many different brands of resin out there.. can't you tell me what are their differences?? Do some of then grip the strings better or something? I'm talking about violin resin.
  4. Bach's Double violin concerto in D minor..violin 1 ( i make my sister to violin 2..haha)..
  5. Oh man.... He is going to play the Brahms violin concerto!!!!... Zoe: I've booked a ticket to the concert on the 21st of July.. Sat.. can't wait..
  6. Yeah!.. Gil Shaham is coming to Australia next month! I'm so happy.. need to order me tickets soon before it's all sold out!.. He's going to play the Brahms Violin concerto!.. This the first time i'm going to see a concert!.. Any of you seen Gil perform in stage before? How was it and did you liked the experince?
  7. Does the "Strad" magazine have a offical site. if it does what is the URL? thanks
  8. Does anyone know a site that has a detailed image of Paganini's "Cannon" Violin?
  9. How long do you people practice on your violins each day? I'm currently doing about an hour a day but my teacher said i should do like 3 or 4 hours a day if I want to improve faster.
  10. Kevin

    Snakewood bows

    Oh is that true? Is there anyway that I could tell the difference between a real snakewood bow and a "Painted" bow?
  11. Kevin

    Snakewood bows

    Does anyone here own or has tried a bow made out of snakewood? Do you think that they are better than bows made out of pernambuco? and are they more expensive?
  12. Wow! Thanks for all your replys people!
  13. Thanks for the reply Flying_Fiddler-CYOW!! That exactlly what I've been doing!! I wanted to learn the violin afew years ago when I heared Perlman played Paganini's Caprice No.24 for the first time. I loved it the moment I heared it and I said to myself that I'll want to play that one day so I started my long journey. I fully freaked out when I got my hands on the music. It seemed so imposible and it still does. My love for Paganini's music grew and now I've also got his concerto no.1 and sometimes I'll put on Perlman's recording of it and just look though it while he plays... It's hard just to keep up.
  14. Hello Do you people think that it's good or bad to try and play music that are beyond my capablilties? Is that a good way to learn or will it make things worth later? Or is it better to learn everthing step by step?
  15. Hello.. I've been trying to look for a new bow recently and today I want down to a violin maker's workshop and he let me tried a wide range of bows. I scaled it down to 2 bows. One of it is a quite special bow me think. It's made out of snakewood, which the violin maker said was rare, and under the front of the frog, the metal part, the words " From M.C to A.C, Cook's little men" was engraved on it. Does that sound familiar to any of you? Anyway, that bow is selling for around USD$380. The violin maker also said it is over 100 years old. Do you people think, from the info i've just given, that this bow is worth the price. Cos I wasn't really thinking of spending that much on a bow but I felt that I had alot more control with it that with what i'm using now and it makes a beautiful tone. So i thought that if this bow is going to last me along time, I may concider buying it.. ok..thanks alot