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  1. I do, and it is beautiful. Hand, Arm and Finger vibrato are all areas that are utilized in different ways by different players. I believe each of us should explore them all, allowing sufficient time and practice to determine each's usefulness in our playing. Oh how important it is to have a qualified teacher(s) to help us during our discovery of each of these vibrato techniques. Ken
  2. Putting a small crunched up towel in a corner at the correct height to receive the scroll of the violin as you stand toward the corner, will offer a steadiness to help ease the practice of vibrato. Only practice from the beginning for no more than five minutes. Make it count as you begin to learn to hold the note in pitch and then move the hand back, very very slowly from the start, to lower the pitch by about a 1/2 step. Practice every day, once a day like this. Over time, your progress will dictate in your actual playing.
  3. Yes, well said. The extent of racism I know of is limited to the bigotry of choosing a shoulder rest. A very controversial subject indeed with apparently no resolve until after much squabble and rejection.
  4. I can't hide the fact that I'm excited. I've followed Hilary Hahn through three California concerts and was able to speak with her at each occasion as she is so generous to meet her fans and sign autographs and chat briefly. She said she would see if she could come to Portland, Oregon and now, finally, she will be here in 3 days. I'm treating my teacher who is also excited to hear Hilary in person. The subject will be Tchaikovsky's violin concerto and celebrates the new release of that concerto by Hilary Hahn on CD. Hilary is kind, composed and humble when she says "There are many wonderful violinists." I simply think she's the best.
  5. Okay, summer is gone but now Concert season opens in my home town with the season opening featuring Hilary Hahn. I asked her if she could come to my home town and she said she would ask her promoters. Finally she will be here in a few weeks and I can go see her, taking my violin teacher along also, without having to fly to another city. Can hardly wait!;- )
  6. A neighbor's Nephew from San Francisco came to visit and was playing cello out in the yard. These are friends, so I asked if he wanted to try some duets and he said sure. While he was far more advanced than I, he was kind enough to stay with the early Suzuki books and we had fun. There is a beautiful combination between violin and cello when played outdoors on a pleasant summer day. Anyone else taking advantage of the good weather? Hope so. Ken
  7. Yet another way to bring that bow under control. ;- )
  8. Forget looks and concentrate on practice. Violins are for music.
  9. Unbelievable. (does not look like a bonified news source.)
  10. A good teacher is a friend for life. You will always be thankful for what they taught you.
  11. Have the violin put into playing condition and then put it away until you are able to afford lessons. A competent teacher will make a profound difference in you learning to play the violin. Every lesson, you will find to be priceless, yet you are able to secure the teaching with mere rubles. Value the teaching and the teaching will value you. Ken
  12. Peter gives the United States a bad name.
  13. Hi Peter, I'm in Portland Oregon, not too far from you. What have you been playing? Teacher? College? Advanced Coursework? Fill us in, post an mp3 if you like. Welcome, Ken
  14. Simply beautiful and aren't we blessed to have such talent and beauty in the world.
  15. Try it again, I'm bouncing between forums today and have two English Springer Spaniels so I keep tabs on a dog forums that is loaded with people knowledge about all aspects of that.
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