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  1. If one was to have a 14" Viola, would it be bad to purchase violin A, D, and G strings? Is there any difference in them? -Gopal [This message has been edited by KingGopal (edited 11-19-2000).]
  2. I just read the answer at another post. Thanks
  3. Why would a soundpost crack devalue an instrument by so much? Instead of repairing it, why isnt it just replaced? I dont think a piece of wood that small should be that expensive... -Gopal
  4. I like Pirastro Tonica. I live in Houston, and we commonly have humidity of 100% and this summer we had temperatures going into the 100s. Tonica strings have a nice tone and stayed in tune well.
  5. What kind of qualities do shop owners look for when hiring assistants?
  6. I started on the viola when i was seven. Now that Im fairly proficient in trebel clef I can pick up a violin and play songs on the too.
  7. I started when I was seven on a 13" instrument. Thats about the same as a 3/4 Violin. I've seen 12" Violas for sale, and unless the player is really really small it will be all right. If you can't find a good viola size it wont be too terrible to take a baby violin and move the strings down. The instrument will probably have to be replaced in a couple of years. -Gopal
  8. A few years ago when i had a school owned intrument, my middle school gave me a W. Seifert** bow. I miss it.
  9. Usually makers know which strings sound good on their instruments, so they put those on at the beginning.
  10. the habanera from carmen sounds a bit like that. i think that was by bizet. and its spanish.
  11. If they never play music thats above their technical abilities, how will they ever improve? Shouldn't they be playing music that is difficult, with the intent to rise to the occasion and make a good performance?
  12. pirastro tonicas are what i use. i like them alot, but you may find something that suits your particular instrument better.
  13. 16" to 18"? wow. i thought my 16 was a pretty good size. i didnt even realize it went up to 18"!
  14. I really hate practicing, but I like playing. Thats pretty strange...