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  1. Hi -my C.S. Buchanan violin is dated 1926, is a Guarnerius model with a beautiful one piece back. He used pretty wood throughout. I've changed the pegs and tailpiece and bridge, but it's in fine shape. I would like to swap photos with you of these Buchanan violins -the only two I've come across, yours and mine.
  2. I know a famous teacher who was blindfolded at her Batmizva, and given a number of fine violins to choose from. She selected the Stradavarius, and still owns it about 60 years later, though she often used a Vuillaume in her career as well. Lucky Lady. Probably she liked the Strad's ease of execution, as Michael mentioned earlier, as few or no 13 year olds are allowed around such fiddles as a rule.
  3. I like Craig Scollard in Pasadena ( very honest & capable), and Jeff Mueller in L.A (ditto).
  4. Get together with William Pu, one of the Concertmasters of the Atlanta Symphony. I went to school with him, and can recomend him as a more than decent chap, dedicated to the violin and it's makers. Good luck, - Tom McEvilley
  5. Thanks guys, these tidbits are great. I've scoured the Wrona website and can't find any reference to Pfeil; I imagine it could be a Swiss name. Where is the Wrona's list you mention? thanks, - Tom
  6. Sure, I first saw Pfeil's work on Tarisio, and I want to know more. It looks pretty nice for him to have made only one. I wonder if he is listed in Wenberg? Please fill me in someone, none of the libraries out here have the Wenberg. Thanks, - Tom
  7. Does anyone know anything about an American maker named Paul Pfeil? Is he listed in any of your resources? Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks, - Tom
  8. These two fiddles came my way about one year apart, and I took them in. They have very similar tonal qualities, nearly parallel in fact. Luckily in this case, it is a good thing. I just bought a Paul Pfeil from Tarisio btw, a maker I have next to no info about; looks like he made very few.
  9. I have 2 James Reynold Carlisle violins from Cincinnati; they both have very good tone and workmanship. Aside from having full and deep D & G strings and soaring E's, the A strings are pretty special; there is a full and penetrating quality that is rare in the price range.
  10. My favorite violin bow is by Lamy the elder; other good bows I have seem clunky alongside this one...
  11. Open D string is the only way to go; fingers 2 & 3 should have no trouble, as it is a close spread.
  12. Led Zeppelin actually out - does Twisted Sister in this blatantly subtle regard..."only your headbanger knows for sure."
  13. Thanks, Fubbi2 - you are more than generous, you've doubled my info on this maker. Interesting to find he quit the year I was born... I wonder what Wenberg says? Thanks in advance, - Tom
  14. Does anyone know if this maker is listed in Wenberg or any such book? I'd like to know more about this maker, and sure use your help! Thanks, -Tom
  15. Some people use a bit of butcher's block oil or something similar on the peg as it is fitted, but Jacob's advice is more to the point.
  16. Thanks so much for your help... * I recently acquired a 1926 CS Buchanan violin and am curious to learn anything about the maker I can. I can only tell so far that he was a patient and exacting worker. * I'm originally from Cincy in the Ohio. Is there a Wenberg listing for this guy, any kind soul? Merci!
  17. Toledo Ohio, worked in the 1920's and 30's I think. He is not in any of my limited reference books...your help is much appreciated:
  18. Take it to Craig Scollard in Hollywood; Collier- Scollard Violins. Mosst honest guy I know in LA.
  19. Lindsay is a nice girl and a promising musician. I'm sure she's learned from her mistake ( a real whopper!).Being only 20 is really no excuse. I'm glad she lucked out of this narrow escape.
  20. Darton. Finanza. Curtin. Alf... there are many good makers these days.
  21. Depending on the dimensions of the pegbox, I find tweezers are often needed,few tools working as safely and well. I prefer pegs to be lined up vertically for ease of tuning, especially for students still learning how to tune.
  22. I cast my vote for the modern makers whose work scintillates me the most, irrespective of nationality. [The best ( though not the most expensive ) fiddles I own were made in the USA]. I've heard the PRC has filed quite a few of their makers through tutelage in Cremona; their improving work may show some merit to this urban legend, however irrevelant.
  23. Any advise to prevent/ cleanup mold growth on old violins & cases during the rainy season? These ancient spores seem to wake up with a hunger for old violin varnish.
  24. You can also list your bow right here on Maestronet under the header: "list your instrument."
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