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  1. Please don't tell me they are all crap and I should be using a $5000 bow. I can't afford it, and unless I hit the lottery, I likely never will. I need a good, inexpensive bow. I hear there are alot of good quality violins and bows coming out of China. When I look on ebay, I see so many different makers, there is no way to know who is producing quality work and who is not. Anyone have firsthand experience with this?
  2. I stumbled across a group called Childsplay on the internet. I am a fiddler. After looking around on that website, I found some information about the maker, Robert Childs in Cambridge, MA. I did a search on here and did not turn up anything. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this maker?
  3. Yes, that is my violin in the Elderly listing. I purchased it about 3 years ago. The pictures of it on my computer are very orangey-red. But the violin is not at all like that. It's really a medium brown to dark brown, but not the least bit orange or red. The picture does not do the violin justice; it really is quite an attractive violin, even if it doesn't have the greatest sound. The birdseye maple back is also very pretty. As far as sound, I don't know what sounds good or what sounds bad. I wish I could figure that out. I think it sounds good. I'm going to see if I can have Michael Weller set it up for an even better sound. Once I can identify the violin sound that I'm looking for, I'll try to find a violin like that. Thank you for all your help.
  4. Hi guys. I asked this question about three years ago when I acquired this fiddle. At that time, I got no info about it. I have since tried to do more research on this maker, but I have found nothing. I am hoping that someone can shed some more light on my fiddle. I purchased it for $1100.00. I was told that it looks like an English copy of a Guarneri. The label says Ferdinando Leoni, Parma, 18??. I can't read it. I know that this maker is listed in the list of violin makers, but what I can't find is any other violins. I have asked many violin shops, and researched auction sheets, etc, and cannot find this maker listed. I take it that Mr. Leoni did not make very many violins. Of course, if mine is a copy, then it could have been made by anyone correct? My violin is a medium to dark brown, not high gloss at all. It has a birdseye back. It looks quite aged and has seen alot of playing time. I just wish I could know more about it. I'd appreciate any help if anyone has any other resources that they could check. Merry Christmas.
  5. Mike: I belong to several celtic groups and I rarely see viola. It can be done, because Bonnie Rideout alternates between her violin and viola. Violas make a gorgeous beefy sound. We had one violist that tried very hard to play in our celtic group, but she ended up switching to fiddle. The problem is that most little fiddle tunes are written just perfectly for the fiddle, but are off the scale for a violist. She tried to rewrite all of our fiddle tunes in her staff, (what is it, alto clef??), but it was just too hard to do that for so many tunes. I guess if you can transpose on the fly, you'd be fine. But site reading will be your biggest obstacle.
  6. Sunnybear: Definitely. Any bow that I consider I will trial first to see how it plays.
  7. I have been looking strongly at these bows called Water Violet bows. There are a few places you can get them, but if you'd like to look at what I'm talking about, you can have a look at this website: www.franksviolins.com If anyone has any info or experience about these bows, which come from Brazil, I'd like to hear about them. They look lovely to me. Second, there is a seller on ebay that has bows by W.E. Dorfler. These are new bows. There are also some by Otto Duhrschmidt ( I don't know if I'm spelling this correctly). They both look like really nice bows. Can anyone tell me about these two makers? These are handmade in Bavaria.
  8. I know that Infeld Reds have a reputation of being on the darker side. I want to bring out the darker side of my fiddle and I'm going to start experimenting with some strings. Are there others that have a dark "reputation"? Scott Cao strings his fiddles up with Zyex strings, and they have been described as dark sounding. But I've never used these strings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Hello. I am having a bow specially made for me. This maker uses ebony frogs typically, but I'd really like to have a snakewood frog. He said that he would make it, if I could supply the frog. I have no idea where to find parts like this. Any help?
  10. Thanks everyone for these great suggestions. Yes, I'd love to have Bonnie Rideout's fiddle. I still couldn't play like her, but I'd love to have her fiddle!!!! I'd love a tone like that. RichF, who is Michael Weller? Are you talking about someone maybe at Brobst?
  11. Hello. I own a fiddle that I paid $1100.00 for. It is an English Guarneri copy and the label says Ferdinando Leoni, Parma, and I can't read the date of 18??. I am looking at making a move up in the very near future in the range of $6000 to $10,000 maximum price. I am a celtic fiddler, mostly of the Scots variety. I want a dark, rich, fiddle tone. I understand that many new fiddles have a great tone right out of the gate, and that you don't necessarily have to buy an old instrument to get a great tone. I'd greatly appreciate some ideas of makers to consider. Thank you.
  12. I am working on putting this great scottish set together. I've recently come across two tunes that pair beautifully together, both in the key of A. The first tune is "Had the Lass Till I Win At Her", and the 2nd is called "Blue Britches". Both are wonderful scottish reels that have that slightly "different" sound than it seems alot of reels do. It seems that so often so many reels, like Temperance Reel or Maid Behind the Bar, are just eighth note runs that do the same thing over and over, and seem to not really go anywhere or do anything exciting. I like the reels that do something like cross several strings or have that certain twist. You fiddlers out there will know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I'm looking for a great 3rd reel to put with these two so I can have a set. We usually play tunes as sets, and I usually try to put three together on the page. Any suggestions for that different reel with slight twist, rather than just common everyday reels, would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have used the ABC2win program for a couple of years, but I haven't been able to get it to work right for about a year on my computer. I'm looking for recommendations for a new software program, that allows me to input chords over the bars, allow grace notes, slurs, etc., and that is easy to work with. I found the ABC program very easy to work with, but unfortunately it's just not working on my computer. I have no idea where to begin looking for notation programs.
  14. Can anyone tell me where I can view the survey? I dont' understand. Never mind. I see it now. Thank you.
  15. I've ordered an Arcus Sonata to trial from Bernstein Violins. I should receive it on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. It's one of the old ones with the snakewood frog.
  16. Sunnybear: Regarding the "medley" set, does the tempo have to stay consistent, or for example, when you start your reel, can you go through it slowly the first time, then speed it up to tempo the 2nd time? How many times do you play through each tune? I guess I'm wondering how much artistic freedom you can take with your set, playing with tempos. I've heard artists do this on CD, such as Bonnie Rideout for example. She'll start a set, maybe slowly, then kick it up.
  17. Sunnybear: Also, the link that you gave is not working for me.
  18. Sunnybear: I don't have a particular competition in mind. A lady told me that preparing for a competition is a great way to push yourself and really listen to what you're doing. I'll participate in the future, but for now I'm just toying with different tunes, seeing how they go together, etc. Getting myself ready for that big day. I think I'd be so scared I'd need a diaper! LOL
  19. I have a couple of questions for anyone that has participated in a fiddle competition. I know that they have different levels from beginners to advanced. I have found on the internet that you are usually expected to play an Air, by itself, then a March, Strathspey, and Reel, in that order, leading directly from one to the other like a medley. 1. Are you allowed to play a jig in place of the reel? 2. Are there any rules about the Air? 3. Do the pieces have to be traditional pieces or can they be original pieces? 4. Regarding the "medley", can you play the same tune for the Strathspey and the reel? Many times I've heard this done on CD's and in jams, but don't know if that is acceptable at a competition. Thank you.
  20. Sunnybear: Does this mean that J & D fiddlers will not be performing at the GMHG?
  21. Hello. I am seriously considering an Arcus bow. I really liked the Sonata that I tried. I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to try the brand new Arcus bow, the Veloce? It's supposed to be the lease expensive of the line, below the Sonata, and around $550.
  22. Sunnybear: I really want to make it to J & D. I've wanted to go for the last few years, but it's just so hard with my kids. Last two summers, I was in school during the summer semester. This coming summer, I am tossing around the idea to see if I can make it work. My daughter has, 15, is playing softball and she is on a travel team. They are considering going to a week-long tourny in Ohio during that same week. She plays catcher. It's really hard to go off and do something for myself and not be there for my kids. But I'll know more in a little. Maybe they won't go. Cross your fingers.
  23. Hi Ken and everyone else. Yes, I really love the medical field. I have always worked on and off in it, and now that my kids are growing up, I decided to just do it! I love it and am so glad that I decided to do something with my life. And, yes, now that I'm playing again, I'll be joining my fiddle group for a practice on Sunday. There are several public "gigs" through the holidays and I'll join in. I know most of the stuff anyways! I've got a fiddle retreat on schedule for January. I will definitely check into the Glasser bow you mention. I have a Glasser Carbon Graphite bow and that has served me very well, but I haven't gotten that Arcus out of my mind. It was great. Anyone else here tried one? Looking on the internet, it just doesn't seem there are very many dealers. Anyone know of any? Thanks and it's nice to pop in and see you all from time to time.
  24. Hello. I used to participate on this board alot. I've been in nursing school for the past couple of years and really haven't done much playing. I still have a couple more years of school to go, but decided to pull my fiddle out and get playing again anyway. At least much of my really hard classes are done. I am considering a new bow and am wondering what the craze is in bows these days. I had tried an Arcus Sonata a couple of years back, which I thought was fabulous. I'm sure there must be even newer bows on the market now and am looking to you guys to bring me up to date. Thanks so much. P.S. I play scottish fiddle music mostly.
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