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  1. I met Ferras after a concert. He was playing a Strad.
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you all for interesting contributions. From one who rarely has information worth contributing.
  3. Violin/viola bows are also tilted toward the fingerboard and scroll.
  4. Max Bruch (full name: Max Christian Bruch) was not Jewish. Don't know where Philip gets his information.
  5. There is a wonderful episode in "Hollywood Canteen" that has Joseph Szigeti and Jack Benny playing duets and solos.
  6. What do you think about the flames on the back?
  7. Only Canadians will know who Don Messer was. However, he did in fact have lessons in classical violin technique. When he was 16, he moved to Boston where he studied for about four years before returning to Canada. No matter what he played, he had very good technical skills.
  8. I would regard F, C and G as classes of clefs. The definition of alto clef designates the line on which C falls and it cannot be confused with the tenor (which has its own definition).
  9. I would have thought that the alto clef would count as a major one and I assume the cellists don't learn it.
  10. As an adult, Grappelli had lessons with the great British violinist, Alfredo Campoli.
  11. Geoffrey told me that the monologues often went on for several hours and if Gould felt you were not listening carefully or had dozed off, he would instantly terminate the friendship. Geoffrey had the good luck to survive.
  12. "Music & Mind". Geoffrey told me a great deal about the difficulties of maintaining a friendship with Gould. Long telephone monologues in the middle of the night!
  13. Interesting book! The author was a close friend of mine.
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