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  1. This is on my local PBS station tonight at 9 EST. Playing for Real Directed by St. Louisan Josh Aronson (whose Sound and Fury was nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar in 2000), Playing for Real takes an intimate look at the extraordinary difficulties young people face when they choose to create a career in big-time classical music. The film’s principal subjects are all associated with the Young Concert Artists (YCA) International Competition, which auditions more than 500 musicians annually, seeking the very best young musicians from music schools around the world. Playing for Real focuses on YCA founder Susan Wadsworth and two competition winners: Mayuko Kamio, a 14-year-old Japanese violinist who moves to New York with her mother to start her American performing career, and Adam Neiman, a 22-year-old American pianist.
  2. I would still pleasantly get in her face. Email is too easy to dismiss, and it might help with some other issue in the future. Just don't let your kid know you spoke to her. My daughter's teachers always know we are watching them.
  3. Do you mean that left BECAUSE of HKV? As I recall, they had many unkind words.
  4. I thought I learned here, that all the top soloists are dead
  5. Please don't misunderstand, I'm just trying to get a clear picture of how this is done. I have never been able to come close to holding the fiddle without a Kun type rest. Does the body of the violin rest on the colar bone only, or the colar bone plus deltoid?? Anyone? TIA
  6. "Now bring your left shoulder to the right until it is just beneath the chin." Thanks for the nicely descriptive post! Do you mean in the above statement that the collar bone is brought directly under the chin? I cannot rotate far enough to bring my chin directly in line with my shoulder.
  7. "Someone mentioned Lydia (LWL) moved to a different forum but Im not sure which one." This one.. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bavs/
  8. "I'm sure I'll eventually get down to a lone star, which I'll wear as a badge of honor." You can't unless they grant negative stars (kind of like double secret probation), or you are unbelievably unpopular. I like to give the topics no one views 5 stars
  9. Can your son sing in tune? I started casual lessons for my daughter when she was almost 5, and found that her sense of intonation was really pretty poor. She is now 6, and the difference in what she can hear and reproduce vocally is dramatic over last year.
  10. He taps his feet while playing, loud enough to hear if you sit close. He's a dynamic performer, and also moves around a fair bit. You will enjoy yourself I'm sure, he is very good.
  11. For anyone who misses Lydia's excellent advice and perspective, she still posts on BAVS.
  12. Hey Kabal! With our new conductor here, FO ticket sales are up so high that they offered me a free concert and buffet so they could try to woo back subscribers who didn't renew. The music is good enough for me, but the minimum subscription number wears on my wife (who doesn't enjoy classical music). Didn't mean to mislead you La Folia, and I have no doubt that MS. Hillis bore a resemblance to Reno in this photo. I'm glad I brought back some good memories for you nonetheless.
  13. I can state definatively that NONE of the great masters placed Equal or Sweet and Low on their cases.
  14. From an informed source... I have that members of the Cleveland Symphony have a base pay around 100K per year, while those in the Florida Orchestra have a base pay around $35K per year. The concert master often makes twice the base pay. The orchestra salaries are generally public domain, since they are non-profit groups.
  15. Sure. The native digital format of your little player is wav (Microsoft's big and sloppy format). The native format of your Mac is aiff (Mac's big and sloppy format). The format we all like to post is mp3 (small and compressed format). To send it here you need to convert the wav to mp3. To play in on your Mac you need to convert wav to aiff. You can let the player do the wav to aiff conversion, but I would do the wav to mp3 conversion directly from the wav. Since mp3 are compressed, you need to re-encode (rewrite the 1's and 0's) the music, leaving some of the data off. A low resolution bit rate like 8 makes for a lower quality mp3, while a higher one like 64 is more like the original wav file. They even have a new format that adjusts the bit rate (quality) of the mp3 based on how much is going on in that section of the score, but Macs have trouble with it (VBR). You can get a better explanation by searching for "ripping mp3s" on the web. Hope this helps. Email or PM if I'm not clear.
  16. "Now, my question is, how do you drop the bit rate while you are encoding? (They raise more questions than they answer.)" Doesn't look like a proiblem Ken, Music Match Jukebox says it will encode between 8kbps - 320kbps. They even have a mac version http://www.musicmatch.com/info/features/?os=mac
  17. I got in as a soph and jr in Nebraska, and my sister was the first chair french horn player her jr and sr years. I'm sure Rainyann is right, in that the level of competition is dependent on the population base. I had a lot of fun, and it was the best group I ever played with. Good luck, and do your best! Be confident and act professional... I remember I got a slight demerit for moving too much while playing.
  18. "4) Additional warmth during cold weather" That one's not logical, since blankets don't provide heat (unless electric).
  19. Hi Ken, What format does the thing record in? Are you converting wav, to aif, to mp3?
  20. Het fubbi! I got one more star than you! Nya na na na na na...
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