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  1. quote: Originally posted by staylor: Are you refering to people who are nice to you too? Or only to people who are "bad thought and speech" people, as they as they are (maybe) not thinking about "you" anyway? I am talking about the people who do not like me staylor, and since you have been so nice to me through this don't worry its not directed to you.
  2. Thank so much Janice for the kind words, and optomistic outlook. I certainly hope my mother makes it through this, and I believe she will. I will tell her that there are people out there praying for her.
  3. quote: Originally posted by Mark_W: Now that you're back, S-S, can you tell us something more about your Grandad's Jos. Guarneri? I believe he was about 20 years before del Gesu?--How would you characterize the sound and playing characteristics? Mark_W The violin is very very easy to play on. It almost feels like the bow is floating across the strings( corny i admit). It is not crystal clear like a strad, but has almost a sort of muddy tone, but it is still a very beautiful sound. I however do not practice on it. I practice on a student violin, because I believe they are so much harder to get a good tone out of. I believe if I can get a good tone out of a student violin, I can get a good tone out of anything, and so far it has worked.
  4. I have been reading this thread for the last couple of days, and only rejoined this board to set the record straight on myself. 1. I never said I had a Del Gesu violin. I simply said I had a Joseph Guarnerius violin, that my grandfather lets me use. As I said before he collects. 2. I view teaching as helping, and giving advice, not as charging money to actually sit down for 30 to 60 minutes and drill students. Drilling students, and whatnot I consider giving lessons. I had taught my friends little tips on the violin when I was 6, I did not do drills and charge money. My friends and I just traded little toys. Obviously there are people out there who will not believe me, but over the past months I have come to realize that I do not care what others think of me, especially people on the Internet. 3. I never played the Bruch concerto when I was 6. I played it when I was about 8. 4. For those who care, my mother is doing ok. She was in remission for a while, but the cancer has lapsed back, and she is undergoing chemotherapy and will start radiation treatments soon. 5. I am sorry, if this starts a big war again, but it gets on my nerves to see people saying stuff that is completely untrue about you. It agitates me and gets on my nerves. I would also like to say thank you for the people to have been kind to me through out all this mess, and also I respect everyone on this boards opinions, even if they are against me.
  5. I charge 15 dollars an hour. Since I am young people dont think i am good enough to be like 45 dollars plus
  6. I also thought that lymond was older like in his 50's or 40's
  7. If any of you saw the movie Imortal beloved the man playing one of the Beethoven sonatas was african american. Sorry if that was already posted.
  8. oh come one guys its not that bad to describe what we all look like. Of course I can see why it is uncomforatable, but we all know eachother and looks aren't what matters ya know.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Emma Lily: Here's a picture of me. I can play a violin duet! http://starwars.com/characters/gasgano/2_bg.html wonderful pic emma lilly!!! The other person kind looks like me hehe
  10. The coda is a great line of bows. Truley worth the money plus you wont have to be too careful with it because it is made out of polygraphite, but I love mine they are great.
  11. I tried one of those out recently for my school violin and I agree it has a great tone. The guy at the music store took the tag off and I prefered that well better then a 4,000 dollar petzol(sp). However I settled on a Sgarabotto which is a lot more expensive, but has a beautiful sound. I wish I could tell you who mad it, but I am completly clueless on that.
  12. you can just put fake information in its not like they will know so you dont have to be nervouse. But if its a post for just one person email is better because people are going to look and feel that it is not imporatant and relavent to them.
  13. This happened to me last year at an honors recital I had my school violin in the orhestra room and had my good violin with me. When this girl in the 6th grader group got up to play she had my violin!!! I was so mad I got up in the middle of her performance and took the violin out of her hands. She said she had left her violin at home and and saw it sitting their and just played it. After that I got a lockable case for that violin and it been a lot better. Maybe you can have someone look around and see if they see anyone who takes your viola. And if you find out who it is yell at em hehe.
  14. I have alays been told to NEVER wear a watch while playing it can cut off circulation, damage your instrument and quite frankly I dont like the way it feels.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Theresa: Definitely Perlman and Milstein; up and coming: Jessica Lee (Curtis...extraordinaire!) [This message has been edited by Theresa (edited 02-02-2000).] Theresa are you talking about Jinyeong Jessica Lee?? I was at a place called the Steins Institute with her, she is a talent. It was awesome playing with her( if its the same one) she taught me a lot and I taught her a ot so it was cool. ( that sounds dumb I bet) My fav violinist always has been and always will be PERLMAN and my second is milstein.
  16. my pic is located at htese addys they are kinda dumb well actually really dumb pics of me, but oh well: http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/rachie_53094?d&...el=fld2&.src=ph [This message has been edited by starlight_sweetie (edited 01-05-2001).]
  17. quote: Originally posted by staylor: I'm sure you didn't deserve THAT kind of break! [This message has been edited by staylor (edited 01-02-2001).] Well certainly not that kind of break, but my cast will be off in 2 to 4 weeks so then I can get back to doing what I love to do.
  18. quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: Nothing other than that Paganini's Caprices are not just show-off pieces - they are truly great music. The funny thing about Paganini is that his simple emotional musical messages are right there on the surface, making it difficult for most classical musicians to appreciate his genius. Well said HKV. I have realized that the paganini caprices among other pieces have a message to them, but I am yet to understand them. Maybe I will later, maybe I will just sit down with my music and look at it and try to see the message being conveyed, or maybe I will look at music theory and see what the "experts" have to say.
  19. I think that Rieu is doing what he loves and if you make money for it thats great!! I just wish that waltzesweren't the only thing because I think he is a talented violinist who really needs to show the world what he can do. I was loking at cd's amd on some he plays movements from some violin concerto's such as Mozart so I guess he is not limited to waltzes although that is a great part of his repetoir
  20. I agree that he plays well, but a whole concert or cd of waltzes just doesn't fit my tastes. I would like to hear him play some major concerto's.
  21. quote: Originally posted by staylor: Do you mean, because you need to be 18? Are they difficult? Well I can't quite make out what I hear on a recording of the 5th, it sounds a bit like a clear trill played in harmonics, but I don't know how that is a physical possibility. But if it is, then it must be quite advanced. Which caprices do you know? How do you find number one? I hope your wrist gets better quick! But I still can't work out how you let it happen at all. S.Taylor I have done all 24 of the caprices/ Number one has its arpegios and all that, but all in all it mostly repeats the same pattern. I agree the Paganini's are show off pieces that I don't really wanna play. My teacher said that if I don't want to I don't have to. I think I will pass on them.I remember looking at it years ago and humming it and playing a little on the piano, but it just wasn't my style. I didn't want to break my wrist its just something that happened, but it's ok I am taking a well deserved break.
  22. it is just interesting to know ann. Some of us want to know as much about composers as possible
  23. well ok I'l do this. sex: female instrument: violi, viola, cello, all sax's, trumpet, piano, and clarinet Occupation: dont have one Sign: leo interests: music, and all sports Pets: a dog named tiny and another named Mooshie
  24. yeah I thought the tchakovsky was somewhere around 30 to 40 minutes. I've never played the Barber and I have asked my teacher about it, but she says that she does not want me playing his filth so I don't know what thats about, maybe because of his lifesyle, but I don't know. We are going to do the Beethoven and elgar as soon as my wrist gets better and I am gonna do the Rozza in my spare time. My teacher also says that Paganini concerto's are not to be taken lightly and I should do them when I am like 18, even though I could do it now, yet again another thing I don't understand. Are the Paganini concerto's a mature work?? I have played the Caprices they aren't so bad. And thanks MicaelaB I hope to get better soon.
  25. I only know of andre Rieu and what I have heard others say about him is that he is a disgrace to the country he is from and that all he does is copy others. I believe his dad was a violinist, but correct me if I am wrong. I think that he must be somewhat good to get a record deal, but then again I may be wrong about that.
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