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  1. Okay here goes.....another newby to chew on. I saw a previous thread, I guess it was by "Randy" on a violin that he presumed was fashioned in a baroque manor. I just recently aquired an old violin and thought it to possess alot of baroque qualities. It has a wide fingerboard made of maple, the same maple the neck is made from, a roughly carved scroll (lots of chisle marking on it), a really unique perfling that is accented around the edges of the top and back, the raised perfling is almost the edge, a raised ridge. And a peculiar c-bout accent on the back, which is not a clap dent or scar but a raised accent carved to accent the bout. The varnish is satiny to the touch and what I would call "soft". The fholes are blackened on the inside. I'm going to take a few pictures and post them on my aol space. I don't know how to post a link so I'll post the appropriate address for you to look at the pics after I have them in place. Any thoughts or comments are welcome....you can tell me just how big a piece of german junk I have...hehehe, and NO! I did not buy it on ebay. I would not want the wrath of the anti-ebayers to decend upon me. But seriously, I would like to know more about this violin. It has a wonderful tone, and is a joy to play. I would also be happy to email pictures. Anyway I thought it might be of interest, Thanks in advance for your input. Tom
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