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  1. Thanks for your input guys....I just thought someone might know of this fellow.....but your right, I'll ask for payment or guarentee before shipping. I appreciate your help.
  2. I have a gentleman interested in purchasing a violin from me and I would like to know if anyone has had dealings with him, and if they would be willing to share them with me, either here or if need be through email. He wants me to ship the violin to him, on approval, and I'm just alittle bit leary. His name is John Grimm, and his company is called Vintage Music, located in Georgia. I'm just trying to be careful, as I have never heard of this company. Any assistence is appreciated.
  3. To accept that the best has already been attained is to accept defeat, and to shun the acheivement of perfection (you may never achieve it but why let that stop you). What if Tiger Woods had said......"Well, Nicholas, Hogan, and Palmer could never be equaled, so why even try to develope my own style. I'll just buy a bunch of videos and model myself, the best I can, after one of these great masters." That Strad, Amati, etc. were masters is true, and that we might learn much from them is true also,.....however, to say they will never be equaled is rubbish! Never is along time. So here's a toast to the "Next Generation" of masters.
  4. Wow, I just made a great Italian herb bread with pizza sauce. I could use the pizza sauce in a varnish too, and throw in alittle Fixadent to make it stick good. hehehe.
  5. Thanks for the info Kelvin. I'll try to contact Bruce for more info. I'm in no big hurry so winter will work fine. That will give me time to do my research on the species and look under the bark for undulations. Thanks again for your help. Tom
  6. I have a farm with several nice maples on it. When I get a chance I'll do alittle research and determine which species they are. Most are 18 to 26 inches in diameter and twenty foot long (the log sections that is). If they are Red maple or other suitable species, I plan to harvest at least one or two from the 18 acre woodlot. My question is if they could be cut now? Of course fall, when the saps coming down would probably be better. And, how should the logs be handled once they are on the ground? Some of the european sites show how they handle the process, however, I wonder if I could cut the logs into shorter sections and after letting the air or season a bit, then split or quarter the logs. Does anyone know how they coat the sections with perafin and how long they stay coated? Any replys are appreciated. Tom
  7. tbloemer


    Thanks for the info, I'll be there in November, anything else violin related thats considered a must see?
  8. tbloemer


    On several bows and even on some violins I often see roman numerals (XII, XIII, etc). What is the significance of these numerals? Are these factory production run numbers or what? Could someone please shed some light on this subjust for me. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for posting the neat Ivory link George, I think I'll order a section of the fossil mammoth tusk. I've worked with bone, elephant, and walrus tusk, but never fossilized material, I wonder if it will be brittle? Any one work with Fossilized material before?
  10. Well, Judging from the astronomical prices they are willing to pay for the stuff I see on ebay.....I'd have to say.... What resession? Just a wild guess, with interest rates still on the cheap....prices for quality merchandise will remain firm.
  11. Thanks for the reply Michael.I guess that begs the question then, What are the contemporary makers or any makers for that matter looking for? Perhaps a graduated grain from wider at the bass side to tight at the treble? Is it a matter of tonal physics or a makers preference? Does the amount of aging matter as much on the spruce top as it does on the other woods? What are the percentage moisture contents of the different woods makers are looking for?
  12. Heres a link to the top of the Hensel Violin that I had posted about earlier, seeking information on that maker. The violin has a great sound. Anyway, The top of the violin has the tightest grain I've ever seen in a piece of spruce. At certin places on the top it is so close that the growth rings are almost indistinguishable. This slow growth european spruce must be difficult to come by. Is this quality spruce still available? http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/spruce.jpg
  13. Thank you for your advise. I'll shop locally for a knowlegable appraiser and see if I cannot receive a discount on the lot.
  14. Your right, I expect to pay a fair price for the appraisal, but not 100.00 per instrument like one "expert" asked. One guy even went so far as to tack on 5% of the value of the instrument. And, I work in Law Enforcement....so I do work at a big discount!
  15. I have about 20 violins in my collection, 10 of which do not yet have appraisals. I wish the appraisals for my homeowners insurance only as these are all part of my permanent collection, and I have no intention of selling them. I also am somewhat cheap...hehehe. So I would like to know the most economical way to get an appraisal for these violins, and it not cost me a fortune, and yet still be by a knowlegable appraiser so that they are not undervalued. Thanks for your help.
  16. I had read in an article once that Vuillaume haunted antique establishments of his day in search of old furniture for tonewood, and that some of his best work featured this old wood from furniture. Have any of you tried this?
  17. I think I covered what it was in the very first post...heheehheeee
  18. One of my favorite violins to play is made by August Hensel. I have tried to find more info on him, but info on this particular maker seems scarce. Has anyone heard of him? The violin has lovely tonewood and a fantastic sound (at least to me and the few I've played it for). Heres how the label reads: August Hensel Fecit Schonbach, Anno 1894 Any info on this maker would be greatly appreciated. He's obviously German, but I've never seen another of his works...The violin is too finely crafted, IMHO, to just be a German cabinet maker who decided to take a crack at violin making.
  19. Hehehehehehe....the wifes gonna kill me when she finds out I dismantled her makeup compact to come up with a mirror small enough to fit through the fholes. Oh well, here's what I could make out with limited inspection equipment. 1. I could only see the lower part of the cbouts, but there where no corner blocks on the lower corners. 2. It looks like a spruce neck block at the top. 3. The underside of the table was rough, gouge marks evident. 4. A thin base bar that seemed to be inlayed into the top. Like a shallow slot had been carved for it and it is somehow dovetailed or slid into a slot. No glue was evident. Strange.
  20. Thanks again for your assistance Steve.....I'll get the flash light out and try to get as much info as possible on the inards of the violin and post back this afternoon.....
  21. I should also add that the label inside, I'm pretty sure, is not the original label.....if it ever really had one. The edges of the label inside are torn and tattered. It seems as if someone tore it out of another violin and glued into this one. Very strange.....thus the mystery continues.
  22. Thanks for your reply steve.....actually the fingerboard is solid maple that has been stained and the stain worn off over time (not a veneer). I know that the violin is not baroque. I just find it interesting that it was made in this fashion as late as it was. The violin carries an old strad 1736 label, so the manufacturer was well after that date, and with the chisle marks and other sanding marks etc. I'd also go out on a limb and say its handmade, without a doubt.
  23. Thanks for the reply Michael, I hope these help, let me know if you'd like more pic's of specific areas of the violin. here are two more links. http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/neckside.jpg http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/finger.jpg
  24. Alright I'm learning, the link thingy worked just fine so I'm gonna put the rest in here: http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/back.jpg http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/side.jpg http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/scroll.jpg http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/neck.jpg http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/cbout.jpg http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/fhole.jpg
  25. Ok...here is the address for the pictures: http://members.aol.com/tbloemer/front.jpg after the tbloemer/ add one of the following new file names for each new picture, they are: back.jpg side.jpg scroll.jpg neck.jpg cbout.jpg fhole.jpg let me know if you have any trouble with these and I'll be glad to email the pic's to you. Again thanks for the input. Tom
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