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  1. I heard him play this excerpt with the Boston Symphony under Ozawa at Symphony Hall in Boston in 1978. I and the audience were stunned. I love his tone, right up there with Kreisler, Oistrakh and Perlman, in my opinion.
  2. My favorite David Nadien video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRp2JyOLz8E
  3. "Helllllllo Everyone!", and you knew you were in for an hour of good music, interesting anecdotes, and humor.
  4. EBay's selectviolin used to have a pictorial step by step description for shipping a violin without a case which I have used successfully several times, but the pictures seem to be gone: http://www.selectviolins.com/tabs/shipping_a_violin.html
  5. According to Wikipedia, there are no fewer than eight Schönbachs: "Schönbach may refer to the following places: Schönbach, Austria, in Lower Austria, Austria Schönbach, Saxony, in the district Löbau-Zittau, Saxony, Germany Schönbach, Sebnitz, a former municipality in Saxony, now part of the town Sebnitz, Germany Schönbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, in the district Vulkaneifel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Schönbach, the German name for Meziboří, in Ústí nad Labem Region, Czech Republic Schönbach, the German name for Luby (Cheb District), Czech Republic Schönbach bei Asch, the German
  6. ? Previously set up as a left handed fiddle, with G string wear
  7. Contrabasso: Look carefully at the elongated f-holes and open C-bouts of the Bisiach-Del Gesu example you have linked to. If you compare these two features to your violin I think you will see that yours is not based on Del Gesu. I am also an amateur and could be wrong!
  8. MEISEL (misspelled) spelled backwards?
  9. The concert can be viewed on line at http://video.pbs.org/video/2284735575/ The motility of his right shoulder also seemed impaired. When he played on the G string he rotated the violin clockwise instead of raising the right elbow. He seemed weak overall - barely able to manage with the arm crutches. My expectations were low, and I did enjoy his playing. Easier to listen to than Stern at the end of his career.
  10. ebay site Used to post here as Priya. Died a year and a half ago.
  11. Joachim premiered the concerto, and I have always heard that he championed it. Do you have sources that suggest that Brahms wrote it for Sarasate?
  12. Interesting comment in light of the fact that Francescatti was French.
  13. Tarisio April 2012 #251 This offering in the current Tarisio auction doesn't look nearly as nice in terms of wood quality and workmanship as other Berger violins I am able to find pictures of online, or am I missing something? Example from Skinner
  14. Mieczyslaw Horszowski played a concert at Carnegie Hall at 97!
  15. #1 better on the G string #2 better on the E string
  16. Wives, like violins, can be "regraduated", and it can be hard to discern...
  17. Surely Wieniawski was the original staccato show-off artist:
  18. My two favorite Youtube versions of hora staccato:
  19. Why don't violists play their instruments vertically, like cellists? That would free up concerns about instruments being too big. It can be done!
  20. In fairness to Perlman, he nails it better than just about anyone in his studio recording: zigeunerweisen-perlman studio