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  1. As a matter of fact I just a new baby girl - Katarina. She loves to listen to me practice, I was amazed to find this out. She listens well for 30 mins to an hour. I am a happy dad violinist. Tony
  2. Ysaye, Beethoven late piano sonatas, and Bach Cello Tony
  3. It is my understanding that STaylor is correct. I have recently installed the light gauge olives on one of my violins, the projective quality was better than with the thicker strings, and the olive tends to have a bit les volume than most synthetic strings. The increase in sound level I believe to be due to the increase in tention. The smaller diameter string must be tighter in order to produce the same pitch. A similar effect occures when the string is longer as well, and as we all know bridge positioning has a large effect on tone. I believe I have made a short story long... The light gauge Olive strings I got are very nice and each instrument has differnt needs. Tony
  4. I was taught an to position fingers 123 on the finger board then shift the 4th finger back and forth a full step. You will find that by keeping the first 3 fingers down it will make this somewhat difficult. The shifting of the 4th finger will increase your flexibility. Tony
  5. I use www.ConcordMusic.com for my strings they are cheap fast and have never messed up my order. These Evah Pirazzi strings are very nice, I am sure you will like them. Tony
  6. I was always tought to look the strings while playing. I am sure it is the good way however I someitmes find it distracting... It is a good habit that should be aquired. Tony
  7. Excellent Crushen... hats off to you! Your teacher must be proud... also thanks to MuOn Tony
  8. I am unhappy that I cannot get this file to open. everytime I click the link I just get a bunch of text. help... Tony
  9. Perhaps Paganini would take it in the supernatural powers.
  10. Thats funny. yes but it does not have to be a physical fight... its just for fun make up your own rules. It seems to me that paganini probably had much energy and was probably quite stealthful. On the other hand Betthoven was know to be very ill tempered. he was probably drinking enough to take a punch well. T
  11. Just to elaborate, I intent this strings to be continuing with the "If they had a fight scenario”
  12. Yes nashvilleviolins I concur, and this reply was anticipated. However, it seems that most people could not use a longer bow anyway, due to a lack of arm length. The bow should be in a proper relation to the violin at full extension. I am more concerned about the change in hair tension as it is integrated over a longer length, also how the balance may be affected. This is a very sore subject for many, I rarely get an encouraging reply. Perhaps I am being foolish, however I am sure that I could easily use a longer bow. As this may be a costly endeavor I am interested to know is these other aspects may also adversely affect the playability of a longer bow. You are right and I am sure the chances of getting a long bow that worked well are slim. Sound tends to be dramatically effected by the use of different bows. I am curious about the history of the design. Tony
  13. More bow means more sound doesnt it? Tony
  14. Thats too bad I would have bought that one. I have very long arms. I bet the balance may be an issue. As far as the case is concerned I think I could figure someting out, however I must say this could be a problem. Thanks for you reply, Tony
  15. Just curious if anyone ever heard of a bow maker making say a 32" violin bow? At what point was 29" - 29.5" decided upon. Thanks for your time... Tony
  16. Tononi


    I bet Kennedy can out play any of you. It seems everyone wants to rob him of his credibility because of his excentricities. Music is not a fashion show. Tony
  17. I am sure my tacher can play right out of the box. If you are good I think you can approach your music and performance in your mind. However, I always warm myself up with slow long vibrato and some etudes. Tony
  18. I practice 20 hours a week that is 1040 hours a year.... looks more like 10,000 hours to me. T
  19. This is Russian and it is bad... Lucha Meincha Da Lucha a little better less is more. I have read your article Crushen... This is probably true. There is nothing better than a good teacher! Tony
  20. Sincerly... you should play it... and then pass it to anyone in your family that can use it. Tony
  21. Staylor I am certain that I understand what you are saying. My education is physics. My violin teacher also has made these types of points. If you do not properly approach the music you will never play it correctly. Bowing is an anticipated art. You are certainly not that far from the mark.. do not take offense if your proposal is not fully evaluated prior to being rebutted in this forum. Tony P.S. To generate a nut shell is a tough cookie. I think you did a reasonable job.
  22. Queens of the Stoneage, Unida, Chris Cornell, COC, and 70s southern rock. Tony oh and Einstuzende Neubauten
  23. This may be too late for you but here on one that ends on 25 minutes. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1428611941 Tony
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