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  1. hoever the bounds and where the ribs attached to the back ar e pretty well execute.. the top seems to be removed and poorly glued back
  2. thanks for the reply... as far I could measure.. the ribs are so far ok, and with blocks... just the top is a bit longer and wider around the C bound... the purflings looks same style I agree as Martin mentioned, I was thinking probably same maker but from different violins so is this a home made amateur violin or could we tell from which part of the world its from? Thanks
  3. additional pix, the c bounds of the top is just so much larger than the back...
  4. I see I see.... how come no others willing to reply =.=~
  5. I guess and bet this is a composite violin, but hte seller said its not, how ever the top and back doesnt match up, top has a c bound of 8.9cm, back is 8.6 but out of curiosity, I am curious about whats the possibly origin of the back and top Thanks!
  6. hows the review of his violins I am curious? I happen to have one of his violins.. Thanks
  7. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    Just bored and listing another one up for fun.. I guess this is probably German factory violin LOB 362mm
  8. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    Guess I would pass restoring the second violin! Thanks!
  9. my friend has one of those... I think it looks like a "better" trad violin, sounds decent too perhaps posting a full photo would help the replies...
  10. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    theres some spots here and there showing some traces of some old varnishs which was not fully removed... what about the scroll? do you think its taken from another violin?
  11. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    you are right on the one piece lower rib, thats why I decided to open it up and see whats in it right away.. Thanks, but honestly the first violin look better in person haha, now I am uploading more photos of the second violin taken with my phone seems like it has been very poorly repaired
  12. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    There is a small plastic center mounted Chin Rest reads ACME made in England whats up with a side mount chinrest?
  13. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    What about another violin? Always been wondering about this one I think its revarnished composite violin the head probably from another violin and poorly jointed the arch is pretty flat with a fake Natale Carletti label the LOB is about 358mm looking for ideas if this is a worthy project.. thanks
  14. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    yes its made of outside mould without but any label as for the antiquing, if you could see it in person, they are actual dirts and dents on the varnish and is removable if I would like to and another luthier here has confirmed that as for the photo, I think it look better in person than on photo IMO hahaha Thanks for the input!
  15. T_Rocca

    Violin ID?

    thx for the compliments on the work bench haha I will pass it on to my friend, its actually my friend's workshop here in Taiwan, he does pretty good works ! I would highly recommend him to whom ever is visiting Taiwan with a handicapped fiddle lol so I guess this is a germanic violin after all!
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