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  1. in 2 weeks time there is a book launch in Cremona of the first comprehensive monography about Nikolai Kittel.

    Written by the experts on Kittel: Grünke, Gabriel and Chins. 30 Kittel bows in it. And some photos of documents contributed by kenway.

    There will be a lot of your questions and answers in it. www.nikolai-kittel.com



  2. The Milstein/Steinberg is fantastic! This recording made me fall in love with his playing.
  3. whomever it is, its breathtaking!!!
  4. I'm going to spend the entire summer learning down bow staccato!
  5. Because I use the wrist staccato.
  6. I've seen him play Tchaik live twice. Its quite an experience.
  7. My teacher's all about "opening up" and "releasing tension". She talks about it every lesson! but its only to burn in into my skull so that I'll remember it.
  8. hey, its not about how "I" think they should act. There are rules on this board and the rules need to be followed.
  9. When the intonation interrupts the flow of the music, THAT is when it unacceptable. To my ears, her playing was just that.
  10. yeah, but this is the fingerboard...you know, its supposed to be about violin related discussion...
  11. Intonation?? There's no excuse for poor intonation. Listen to Mischa Elman's recordings from around this time. His intonation is nearly Flawless!
  12. ...and how is this related to up bow staccato?
  13. I personally didn't think she was that great. I'm pretty sure this is her. I have a CD of her plaing other stuff and this sounds just like her.
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