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  1. does anyone else notice that horace types exactly like HKV? the random CAPITALIZATIONS for EMPHASIS...
  2. How did you get your hands on Everclear??? I thought it was legal in only like Nevada or something...
  3. I have Guarneri Quartet's 1996(or so) recording. It's the only recording i have so can anyone here commment/bash on the Guarneri's recording as opposed to other performers?
  4. i thought Nina Rota composed the Godfather stuff
  5. yeah he won the Paganini competition. he played with my orchestra once. It would be an understatement to say he played well
  6. Warning: the files are pretty big. I know Rabin played the Brahms with the NY Phil but i'm not sure if this is Rabin playing. It's REALLY sloppy but i can't tell very well. Can anyone tell me if it is Rabin or not?
  7. You never can go wrong with the Guarneri String Quartet
  8. Get Finale or Noteworthy, then go to google.com and find a serial key #. That gives you get the full version. In fact, it took me longer to download Noteworthy than to find a serial key #. yeah its "software piracy."
  9. Uh...guys sorry to break this to you: Sarah Chang is ugly.
  11. I wished they would have showed more Rabin, but he probably wasn't that big an impact as the rest that were shown in larger chunks
  12. Would refridgeration hurt the bow in any way? I mean would it be ok to put it in the refridgerator for a while to contract the wood so you could unwind the bow to prevent damage until you could bring it to the shop?
  13. If you can't afford Finale(or can't find its crack...i couldn't but i didn't look that hard), you can get Noteworthy. It's ok for music writing stuff and playback and different instrument plugins, and just search for a crack on google and you're good to go.
  14. thanks for gettting me off my butt and making me do the work myself(seriously). I found one in bach's cello suites. it's not as hard as i thought
  15. For my theory class, i need to find a song that uses a half cadence and then uses an authentic(pefect or imperfect) cadence. That means i need to find a song where half cadence chords goes IV to V, ii to V, or I to V. The authentic chords have to be V to I(with I being the highest) Can anyone name any tunes like this?
  16. whoops didn't read the stuff above [This message has been edited by corncan (edited 10-21-2001).]
  17. my friend practiced it for fun for about 30 minutes and then he couldn't bend his pinky finger for an hour or so
  18. i remember reading an article about Ricci's last public performance this year january...can anyone confirm it? i read it on a newswire many months back...
  19. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1470408125 don't know if its fraud or anything, but i know a lot of people are looking for this CD set(no i am not the seller nor do i know the seller, i was just browsing for music stuff...i also bought my Rabin 6 CD set on ebay)
  20. If you're inherently dumb, you will not get a 5. Lets just say that. On almost all the tests, a 50% or above is a 5 score. Just start hardcore studying in march or april every weekend and listen to class review sessions and you should be fine. I had an option of taking the US History AP test without taking the class and so i studied the last 2 weeks before the test(REALLY studied). I got a 5. Easy stuff(if you read the material) My brother(who just went to college) took 11 AP tests and got 5's on 8 of them. I plan to take 5 AP tests this year(I took 4 last year with 3 5's and a 3). That might be jaw dropping but its all how you manage your time to take them all. Don't listen to what anyone says. a 5 is achievable on any test. The only thing you should do is look at if the colleges will accept your AP score and/or if you want to get AP credit and skip courses [This message has been edited by corncan (edited 10-05-2001).]
  21. the recording he did on video(when he was pretty old) wasn't that great. He was playing pretty well but the orchestra was a bit off
  22. sing the melodies during your rests and mr eylar(our conductor) will be impressed
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