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  1. I am in the market for a new bow and am considering one from W.E Dorfler. The bow within my price range is $500 (U.S). I would say i,m approaching intermediate standard, classical violin. Any opinions on these particular bows and how far down the track i could expect to be happy with such one.
  2. I believe once a month could be passable. Certainly once a fortnight. Most of the benefit from having a teacher is being taught how to practice.
  3. Greetings music lovers. I am about to purchase a new bow and would appreciate any advice you may have. At present i have a $100 bow and am able to spend about $650. ( that's Aust. dollars which are worth 50 U.S cents, thereabouts). If you know of a good name in this modestprice range please let me know. Cheers, Will.
  4. Hi. I recently came across some of Fritz Kreisler and Franz Rupp's recordings of the Beethoven sonata's. They are on the HMV label and in very good nick...does anyone know if they might be rare or at all valuable?
  5. Ahoy, ( Czech ! ) My problem is this. I am an adult learner of classical violin, currently at about grade four standard, (according to most national grading systems. When i first started to learn, of course every thing sounded dreadful to my ears (and probably everyone else's as well). Now, despite being able to play music as written, i still consider it to lack something - I must add that no one else seems to believe this. But it makes it so difficult being so self-critical. The thing is i remember hearing people play, before i started, and thinking they sounded great although only beginners. Now, although i can do as well, and better ... i still think i sound, well.. ****, to put it nicely. Anyone else felt this? Is it just low self-esteem as i suspect? Regards to all, Will.
  6. You think that's tough? Try Melbourne,Australia. We're still waiting for Heifetz!
  7. Andrew Manze is not a bad interpreter of the baroque repertoir i agree, but allow me to to draw your attention to someone far superior in every facet of interpretation and performance. She is actually an ex-colleague of Mr. Manze, and her name is Rachel Podger. She records on the 'Channel'label and has recorded the Bach sonata's for viloin and harpsichord as well as the solo sonata's and partita's. Do yourself a favor and check her out.
  8. I can,t help wondering if fiddlers don,t ever get bored with the similarity and repetitiveness of fiddling compositions. It seems to me that a reel is a reel is a reel... if you know what i mean. I love the Irish Airs and some of the jigs; and reels are great to dance to, but is,nt that about it?
  9. Is it generally accepted that finding a good teacher is no easy thing to do? Iam with my second in so many years and am still not 100% happy with her either. Am i being to pedantic? Or should i make sure i find the right teacher?
  10. Do you think Europeans are better interpreters of classical music because it is part of their cultural heritage? I have heard many technically good musicians from U.S.A and elsewhere, but something fundamental, (but hard to define ) is always missing.
  11. I don,t know how an American could possibly be named "top young violinist". For a long time no one even from Britain was considered to have what it takes to play classical music which is a product of European culture. So.... i,ve heard many Americans play well technically, but they can never be amongst the best. It is,nt in their blood.
  12. Seems to me that so many musicians amongst us suffer this problem. The best way to deal with it is philosophicaly. Remember this. The worst that can happen is really not so bad even though we imagine it to be. Also it most likely won,t happen given that if your so worried, i expect you have prepared well. We are but small beings in a vast and apparently indifferent universe simply trying to please ourselves and others with a bit of music. Relax.....it,s not so serious.
  13. My advice?..... Don,t take yourself too seriously. Remember the worst that can happen probably won,t, and if it does?...so What. The universe is huge and ambivalent and we are but simple musicians. Life is to short to be hung up over such unimportant concerns.
  14. Thanks very much for such a detailed and informative explanation. I will certainly endeavour to put into practise what you suggest. I suppose it is all practice, and when i hear of how long it took you to develop a vibrato and then "repair" it, i think i would do well to nurture a little patience.(But this is the cross i bear. I came to the violin late (36), and although after eighteen months i have reached fifth grade (AMEB), progress is never fast enough for me). I can preform a wrist vibrato on one note and produce a reasonably pleasant tone but this takes a huge effort and results very quickly in a stiff and sore arm. When i attempt to put notes together, well...the whole thing collapses. Life was,nt meant to be easy, (they say) and advice such as yours is always helpful.Thanks.
  15. I am having trouble with my vibrato and i read in one of your replies that you were shown a technique involving the use of the finger joints?. Could you explain this please?
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