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  1. Has anyone tried them? If they work seems like a great idea. However,I am bit apprehensive as to the conduction qualities of the moveable joints above each foot.
  2. On one of my fiddles the strings are spaced a little further apart. The extra spacing does help with my intonation. Another bridge question---have any of you tried those bridges with the adjustable feet? I wonder if those moveable joints impair vibration conduction from the strings to the fiddle top. One would think that conduction would be much better with a traditional custom cut bridge.
  3. Thans for the posts and link! Lane
  4. What was the name of the piece used as the theme for the PBS series "The Civil War?"
  5. This question is primarily for the blue grass and folk(Irish too!)players. Do any of you have a particular cut on a bridge that makes playing double stops a little eaiser?
  6. Lane

    Klaus Becker Bows

    Thanks for the reply Crystal. I passed on the used KB bow. I did't feel comfortable bidding with a no return policy. Although I understand the KB is an excellent midrange bow.
  7. Is this a quality bow? I am looking for a bow,will settle for a used but not abused. I was looking at one of the above on ebay and was curious as to the quality.
  8. Union Grove NC is 1 hour N of Charlotte right off I77N. This is the grand daddy of fiddler conventions here in the Southeast. Lots of great fiddling and impromptu jam sessions! Here is the link: www.fiddlersgrove.com
  9. Yeah, I heard somebody once refer to the fiddle as "The devil's box." Hmmm -- if the shoe fits wear it! jlp
  10. May 25,26,and 27. Anybody going or competing?
  11. Lane


    Anybody know if a quality fine tuner is available? Presently mine are just run of the mill standard fine tuners. I would like to have something with a larger button ie: like the tuners tomastik builds into their tailpeices.
  12. Thanks for all the input re: the carved base bar. Are there any standard dimensions for a base bar for a full size violin? Length, width and height ect.
  13. Greetings all. I have removed the top plate from my old czec violin with the intention of having a new base bar installed; the old one was not aligned with the foot on the bridge. To my surprise I found that the base bar was carved and part of the top plate. I was always under the impression that a base bar was fitted and carved from very dense spruce. Should I leave well enough alone or proceed with the installation? Obviously ther is much at stake here. Comments are welcome.
  14. Lane

    Hofner Violins

    Greetings all. Anybody have any experience with Hofner violins? I have searched for a web site but only come up with Hofner guitars. I really want to upgrade. Also, I am intrigued by all the positive comments re: Gligas. Sounds as if they are a real value --- quality,sound and affordability.
  15. Lane

    eBay Nyuk Nyuk

    Thats funny. Some of the old fiddlers around here sware Cremona was Strad's wife !
  16. Thanks everyone for the advice --- I ordered the helicores this morning.
  17. Thanks fubbi2, yes the label is clear and legiable. Did you see anything on Franz Geigenmacher?
  18. Franz Eibl Geigenmacher. I'm looking at a fiddle with the above name and fecit ano 1896 on the interior lable. If it legit I may purchase.
  19. Thanks for posts. Which string has the softest sound the helicores or the pro artes?
  20. Greetings all. First post here. I am fairly new to the violin (fiddles here in NC). I play mostly folk and blue grass music. The tone from my fiddle is best described as tinny. The fiddle is an old czec strad copy, moderate quality and pushing 80 years. Strings are super sensitive red labels. Would a change to helicore strings soften the sound and give me a little of the depth and richness I'm looking for? If so I need some recomendations. Thanks for your input; by the way--- great board.
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