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  1. Hello. I purchased one of the SC violins from George Behary at Loxahatchee Vintage Strings a couple of months ago and I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and performance. Easy player with a big strong voice. By the way George has the best prices on these fiddles. My $0.02 Lane
  2. Hey Strungout. Go to www.jaybuckey.com and check out vibrato in the cool stuff section under video clips. This may break it down for you. Hope this helps. LP
  3. Hey Bud, I was at a local fiddlers convention and watched a fellow cut and fit a new post. He used a hunk of modeling clay to get the angles right. Pressed it on the fiddle in the proper locations and matched up the cuts with the angles on the clay. Worked very well. My $0.02 LP
  4. The only downside I have read re the Gligas is they seem to be a bit difficult to set up properly. Others say they seem to require constant tweaking to maintain optimal sound. I like em myself, and I think they are some of the most beautiful fiddles out there. $0.02 LP
  5. Hey fubbi,you got anything on OB Bish in your data base? LP [This message has been edited by Lane (edited 02-28-2002).]
  6. Thanks Mark,I deleted the link after the auction had ended.
  7. I followed an auction on ebay for the last week. This particular fiddle was according to the discription a common factory strad copy,1746 (46 hand written), and even by todays standards very heavily flamed. The usual spill re 1891 law r/t country of orgin and the required copy. Neither of which were present. This item received 43 bids and sold for astounding $660.00. Is this just an inexperienced buyer caught up in the frenzy of bidding or are some of these old factory strads worth that kind of money? I honestly thought it would fetch no more than $250.00 or $300.00. LP
  8. Has anybody tried one? LP
  9. Anybody tried one? LP
  10. hey jodee, I saw a few on ebay with in the last couple of days. LP
  11. I have helicores on on my fiddles and really love em. I would buy a couple of sets just for for the tins! Lane
  12. Hey Girl! I replaced the tail pieces on my old fiddles with the thomastik tp.I recently purchased a new scott cao and ordered it with the thomastik tp. I love em. Maintaining correct after length is important. The first retrofit was on a decent fiddle with a great setup, I was hesitant and posted on the pegbox my concerns. Michael D responded and noted the fiddle could be a bit wilder/ not as forgiving after the change over. He was right,however it only took a bit to get use to the subtle change. Now I would not have it any other way. By the way I use Med gauge Helicores on all my fiddles and life is much eaiser in the tuning department! My $0.02 Lane
  13. Hi Crystal, I have a JE Martin bow and love it. It weighs 60g and is turbo charged! I play mostly grass and old fiddle tunes. When I need some punch the bow can deliver. Handles softer passages with ease. Really a joy to play with. The best thing about the purchase was talking to Mr. Martin. He stands behind the quality 100%. He also told me if the bow at anytime did not meet my expectations to send it back and he would find me something that satisfied my needs. I am going to get a J Martin as a back up. I encourage you to call the shop and talk to him. My $0.03! Lane
  14. Geez,had no idea you were under the weather. Had not seen any posts and just figured you were taking a break. We have seen many folks this year in the ED with viral infections; they always hit the diabetics a bit harder. EAT right, manage your glucose and rest the left hand. I imagine you have heard this more than once but the best medicine for CT is rest aside from a wee bit of cortizone. Get a wrist brace if you do not have one already. Take care and good luck with the CT. Lane
  15. Thanks Guys for all your emails and input. Mark I think I would keep a set or 2 around. Never know when you may have a need for them. Many Thanks, Lane
  16. Willhelm, If you haven't purchased thatnew bow yet; check out the *JE Martin* bows. They are made in Joe's shop in Ohio and they are superb! Many of the maker/players on the pegbox have them and really speak highly of them. Additionally Joe stands behind them unconditionally. Search the pegbox and check out some of the comments. I purchased mine last March. Awsome stick. Would really be worth your time. www.martinsviolinshop.com Lane
  17. Thanks Don, The old fiddle has them on it already. They are rather nice;ivory knobs on the ones that are left. LP
  18. Greetings all, I need machineheads for a 4/4 fiddle. The owner wants to keep as original as possible. Anybody know where I can purchase a set new or used? I posted on the pegbox also but thought I could get more coverage by posting here also. Thanks, Lane
  19. Greetings Everyone, I need machineheads for a 4/4 size fiddle. The current owner desires to keep it as original as possible. I have checked mucho vendors to no avail. Anybody know where I can purchase a set new or used? Lane
  20. Size does not matter?
  21. Very good article and very refreshing. Thanks LP
  22. Some of the factory grade instruments had conservatory stamped or engraved on the backs or on the scroll. Did this designate a better made instrument or was it decorative? Lane
  23. Greetings Erich. I just purchased a new Scott Cao fiddle from George Behary at Loxahatchee Vintage Strings. It was my first new instrument and as far as I am concerned it is the best I have ever had. George is well known here and trusted by all who have dealt with him. Shoot him an email and discuss your limits. You will be amazed at what you can afford. George Behary at www.lvstrings@lvstrings.com or www.loxahatcheevintagestrings.com
  24. I was told AK had won a national fiddling championship. Anyone know when it was, the tune she played and if a recording is available? Thanks Lane Pryce
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