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  1. Do your homework! You definately are looking at a factory fiddle. Those things were mass produced and there are many floating around. Some are really bad; carved in bass bars, fake blocks, no blocks or linings. If this vendor will not agree to let you take this instrument on trial ---- WALK AWAY !! In the long run you will not be sorry. My 3 cents. LP
  2. Lane


    Hello all. I was checking email this afternoon and had a returned email entitled "Your Instrument" with two attachments. The first attachment was quarentined by my antivirus software, the second after scanning for bugs was opened. It was a link to this page. I am not a computer whiz but I say err on the side of caution. Scan your systems and be alert for an email with attachments entitled Your Instrument. Delete it, do not open it. Lane
  3. Lane

    Neat Tune

    The Black Rose and is available for free at www.jaybuckey.com .Look under really cool free stuff in the sheet music section. I've never played Irish or Scottish but I definately feel the influence when we play this tune. Check it out. Hope you enjoy. LP
  4. Hello All. I purchased an SC from George back in Jan. It was my first new fiddle. I grew into playing believeing old was the only way to go. Part of that may be valid in the sense of obtaining an instrument with a mature tone. My SC is slowly coming around to sounding like a fiddle. Quality wise it is by far the best fiddle I've owned and was a real bargin. Hello Gray---what kind of sound do you get with those zyex strings? Lane in Zooland NC
  5. Lane

    Dark Tone

    Is the much desired dark tone more aligned with the arching of a violin or is it dependant on string choice alone? Can sound be darkened with a different bridge cut? Lane
  6. I have looked at Maggini copies and would love to have a fiddle with a dark tone as well. As far as price goes the ones I've seen are comparable with other copies similar in quality. LP
  7. I posted the same question some time ago. The replys indicated these fiddles were a line distributed by catalog stores ie: Sears, Montogomery Ward ect during the early 1900,s. They were not bad sounding instruments if set up properly. Some were lined and blocked and had decent bass bars. 0.02 LP
  8. Yep, played an original factory job. It was indeed an exception and was not for sell. Very dark with excellent volume. Not a block in the thing. Although I do suspect at some point in the fiddles life it had a new bass bar installed. It belongs to a local fiddler who has had it for nearly 50 years. I have heard old factory Stainers that sounded superb. I guess it proves that cheap don't necessarily mean cheap! LP
  9. Say thanks to our own Andy V. Alot of time, effort and valuable experience went into that report. Again Many Thanks. LP
  10. Even the worst quality instruments can sound very decent with a proper setup. More importantly a properly setup instrument is eaiser and more enjoyable to play. If she has only fifty dollars in her fiddle then she should not feel too slighted in paying for a good set up with new strings. I think she could expect to pay around $150.00 for what she'll need. My 2 cents. Lane
  11. Hello All, I am self taught and been fooling around with a fiddle for five years. I played all the saxophones in highschool, guitar and harmonica. Had a couple of jazz quartets and even a rock band during and after college. I have always enjoyed oldtime music:bluegrass,folk and old fiddle tunes. I was attracted to the fiddle after attending a fiddlers convention. It was love at first sight. I play with a group of old timers, and have learned much from these guys. The best advice is what an old fiddler told me;"play all you can and do your personal best and always for the love of the music." Lane
  12. I had an opportunity several weeks past to play an old violin fashioned after Stainer's patterns. The violin did not have a really big voice, but it was incrediblely dark and oh so sweet. Lane o o ^ ---/
  13. Way to go girl! Thats a fun tune to play. Try some of the ole time waltzes. You'll really like em. Especially if you have a friend who can accompany you with a guitar. Lane
  14. My deepest heartfelt sympathies for you. We will remember you and your family in our prayers. Lane & family
  15. Andrew, what did your fiddle gain by scooping the fingerboard? LP
  16. I have to support the good doc on this one. I too am an RN. Made the rounds in the acute care setting. Stick with proven methods of treatment available through specialists. The most important thing to do is listen to your body,and seek treatment before small symptoms develop into potential problems. LP
  17. I'm playing a new fiddle also and it is finally starting to settle down and sound very warm and sweet. I was tempted to fool around with the sound post but was advised to leave it alone.(excellent advice) This is my first new fiddle and a learning process for me. So how do tell when a new fiddle needs a new sound post? Are there drastic changes in tonal quality or should one expect minor changes? Is it a good idea to fit a new bridge with a new sound post? Many Thanks Lane
  18. Hey Grey, you must be here in NC. I did mearle fest last year. Good event. Cannot make it this year. Great lineup for this show. Saw Doc and Richard with David Holt last week in Hamlet. Excellent show. LP
  19. Lane


    Ever heard of or seen one of these fiddles? LP
  20. Beal Street Blues. Anybody play it or heard it? Lane
  21. Another vote for Olive and 2 for clean strings. I use to use cheap lite rosin. Really leaves a dust cloud and a snow drift cross your fiddles top deck. Man could that stuff bite a string! LP
  22. Would heavy gauge strings encourage opening up? Bigger sound,more volume ect. ect. LP
  23. Anybody ever bought one? Do you think a purchase would be as risky as buying an old fiddle from ebay? LP
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