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  1. Lane

    Fiddle Case

    www.tkl.com the model number I was looking at is the 8344 in the symphony series. Lp
  2. Lane

    Fiddle case

    Hello Steve, I thought you were doing mandolins now! I tried the Gator case and loved it. It was perfect for I needed but my fiddle would not fit. Lower bouts are 214mm. If the Gator is available for a slightly larger fiddle I would have one! The model I tried was a GV666? I purchased a Bobelock 1002 from Chris Quinn works like a charm. However the other night at a little jam another fiddler fell it love with it and just had to have it. Paid on the spot. So I'm looking again. The TKL cases look like a Bobelock without the cordura cover and they have similar padding. So Steve you doing anything with mandolins or just fiddles? BTW I like the the new site. Lp
  3. Lane

    Fiddle Case

    Has anyone had any experience with the TKL cases?
  4. Has anyone used or using one of the TKL archtop cases? I'm interested in the # 8344. Looks like a decent case. If its as good as my mandoln case it should be built like a Sherman tank. Lp
  5. I've been using a KUN. Are there any out there that are more comfortable and do the job a little better? There are no shops in my area otherwise I'd go try a few. Thanks in advance. Lane
  6. Where can I purchase a few low heart bridges? IVC does not carry them. Help!! Lp
  7. I should receive the fiddle monday or tuesday;I guess we will see then. Thanks Lp
  8. Manfio. When I received this violin I thought the angle was a bit low. However right out of the box the tone and volume were much better than my TH Jr. The fellow that is cutting a new bridge and adjusting the soundpost noticed the low angle too. Although he has not commented on the tone he did say it was much easier to play after a new setup. I respect his observation as he is a very good fiddler and maker. Lp
  9. Hello all. I have a guarnerius style fiddle. The angle of the neck is lower than strads I have had in the past. The Heberlein Guarnerius I used to own did not have as low a neck angle as this one. Do the Guarnerius style violins typically have lower neck angles and how low of an angle is too low?
  10. Folks at IVC are great to deal with. However another great place to purchase strings is www.juststrings.com . Strings for every kind of stringed instrument one can imagine. fast shipping and world class customer service.
  11. Steve whats the tartini going for in your area? Lp
  12. Hey George. I had the bow serviced:camber and rehair back in september. Hair was Howard Khors best what ever that was.I really think its a rosin thing. Tartini --- hum. Lp
  13. Lane

    Goldflex Rosin

    Anyone currently using Goldflex? It has been recomended as the solution for a scratchy sounding bow. The bow hair is only a couple of months old. I notice the scratchy sound when the humidity is a bit low. Thanks in advance. Lp
  14. I have noticed a rather scratchy sound coming from my bow,especially when the humidity is low. I've been using Olive for a couple of years. Anyone care to venture forth with a rosin recomendation and anyone using the Goldflex? Thanks in advance. Lp
  15. Has anyone had any experience with this case? I've had a couple of SKB's I used for gigs and fiddlers conventions. Good sturdy general purpose cases. The 444 looks different and has a decent little storage compartment in the lower bouts section of the case. Under $70.00! All the best. Lp
  16. I am interested in CF as a whole. That particular bow just happened to be the one I was reading about prior to posting. Just testing the water; would it be worth my time,effort and money. There are no shops where I live and it would have to be accomplished via mailorder. So just a bit of feedback would help me decide. All the best --- Lp
  17. Has anyone tried or currently playing an Arcolla CF bow? What are your thoughts re this bow? I've been playing a JE Martin for almost three years and have not so much as touched a CF bow. I'm kinda intrigued. Lp
  18. I am trying out a new Guarnerius fiddle. It came with a classical setup although I perfer a flatter cut bridge and lower action. What is the correct measurement from the top of the fingerboard to the fiddle top and does it differ from strads? Just eyeballing the neck angle and string projection it would appear a really small bridge is needed to get my desired setup. Thanks in advance. Lane
  19. I'll second the setup issue. Even on a real junker if the setup is good it should not create any issues with finger tips. My.02 Lp
  20. Liz thanks for the reply. All of the fiddles I have owned have been on the bright side. I really would like a dark bassey sounding fiddle. I have never played a Guarnerius but I have been told by countless other musicians that the Guarnerius typically has a deeper tone; that may be a totally subjective characteristic, one I intend to explore.
  21. Thanks John. Thats all I needed to read. I have purchased a Cao from George and have spoken to him just last week re the 750. The Gligas sure looked nice but I had a gut feeling they were not the right way to go. Lp
  22. Greetings all! This is my first post in quite a while! I am looking at the acquistion of a new fiddle -- since my TH Jr. sprouted wings. The Cao 750 Guarnerius and Gliga Gama Guarnerius are my choices. How do they stack up against eachother? Tit for tat,pro and cons. I gotta say I am attracted to the nicely figured woods of the Gligas. Thanks in advance. Lane
  23. Lane

    David Hopf Fiddle

    Marsden,thankyou for the reply. This fiddle has alot of character! Really played hard over the years. Lots of wear on this ole girl. I knew it was a factory job,but the wood is good,scroll is grafted. I think it would make a fine old beater!! Regards Lane
  24. Hello All. I am sure a fiddle branded David Hopf is just another run of the mill Hopf, but does anyone no this particular breed? I am not familiar with this one and have an opportunity to purchase a rather nice one at a dang good price. It looks like a better made factory job from the early 1900's. Best regards Lane
  25. Sounds like an interesting old fiddle. I have seen one other similar to the one you have described. It to was old but in very excellent condition. A local guy has it. Ironic, he does not play and he will not part with it. Post the wav. file and a few pics. LP
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