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    Gil Shaham

    quote: Originally posted by shank: Is that how they taught him to play the piece?- They?????
  2. I accidentally deleted your email and I can't get it back - I'm so sorry. Could you send it again please? my address is pearlperch@hotmail.com
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  4. quote: Originally posted by paganiniboy: Vengerov, if im not mistaken, is too lanky To the best of my knowledge (I have seen him in person twice) Vengerov is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall and is most definitely not lanky!
  5. Hagai Shaham's recording of Vaughn Williams's The Lark Ascending is the best I've ever heard. I don't know much about him but here is the URL for a website about him. You can download some of his other recordings and so forth. http://members.aol.com/micke5000/music1/hagai_shaham.htm
  6. I have Perlman and Barenboim which I got for around $30Aus. It's a marvellous recording - particularly the first sonata.
  7. I don't know if the Paganini concerto was Perlman's first recording all together but as far as I know it was his first recording for EMI. Originally it was coupled with the Sarasate Carmen Fantasy and came out in 1972 (I think!?) Anyway, I'm pretty sure the recording of Schubert's Trout quintet with Perlman, Zukerman, Barenboim et al was released in the very late 60's. There was a (then) complete discography of all Perlman's recordings in the August 1995 Strad Magazine but I don't know of any on the internet. Hope this helps. By the way, I love nearly all Perlman's performances - I think my absolute favourite is the Brahms Double concerto with Yo Yo Ma. It's breathtakingly beautiful!
  8. Number 10 is my favourite - especially the 1st and 2nd movements. I saw it played in concert every day for four days in a row earlier this year and was completely blown away.
  9. It sounds wonderful - I wish I could have been there. Did you get to meet him? He's such a beautiful person.
  10. To rainyann, It was you who was going to see Gil Shaham play the Brahms, wasn't it? I would love to know how it was and what you thought of him. Thanks.
  11. quote: Originally posted by sunnybear: I've seen J. Bell and Gil Shaham and was distracted by Bells deep knee bends, but was enthralled with Shahams interaction with the conductor, orchestar, and audience. What a genuine smile!!! I agree! Of course, I haven't actually seen Joshua Bell perform but I have seen Gil and I totally agree - especially about the smile!
  12. Newcastle, Australia. Not the best place to live but it's a big improvement on the last place I was at.
  13. I heard Shaham play Brahms a few months ago and he was magnificent. Don't worry too much, rainyann, I'm sure your concert will be fantastic. Try to meet him after the concert - you'll love him.
  14. quote: Originally posted by Ja Rule: Hey....for those of you who've heard/seen Vengerov do it (the beethoven), who wrote the cadenzas that he played? I saw him do it here in Toronto and it (the whole piece) was absolutely AMAAAAAAZING.....and the cadenzas that he did were seriously bumpin'....just have no clue who did 'em! =) He most likely wrote them himself.
  15. Here's a link to another article written by (actually it's an interview) Adam Baer - it's quite different from the Bell one. I don't think he's jealous of Joshua Bell's career - just annoyed about all the hype that surrounds him. http://www.jhu.edu/~newslett/10-29-98/Arts/2.html
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