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  1. No chance of you ever hearing me on a CD, Andrewuy! Thanks everyone for your responses. Daniel, I also had to work out the open-mouth syndrome for quite a while. Maybe that's why I'm humming now. The humming sounds better than the noises when I'm trying not to hum. It's nice to hear there are others with this problem. Naomi
  2. I just listened to a tape of myself practicing and I heard myself humming! It was completely unconscious. My teacher had mentioned it to me once ("stop humming"), but I thought it was a one shot deal. Apparently, I do it all the time. I tried to not hum, and involuntary little noises continued to come out of my throat. Anyone else ever have this problem? I've been playing for 3 years. Several months ago, I taped myself quite a bit, and I wasn't humming then. Any suggestions? Thanks, Naomi
  3. Wow, I just heard a piece from that CD on the radio about a week ago, loved it and I am now waiting for the CD to come in the mail. In fact, I was just thinking about that CD and telling a friend about it when I saw your post. I couldn't figure it out at first (it was one of the haunting pieces), then I noticed a definite Celtic sound and something else. Really beautiful!
  4. Thanks for this post. I often feel the same way and it's very helpful to know that even more experienced fiddlers go through this. Naomi
  5. Can someone explain to me the difference between these two types of bridges? I am usually told that I can get away with an adjustable bridge due to the inexpensiveness of my fiddles. How much better is a custom bridge? Even though I play humble fiddles, I would like the sound to be as good as possible. Would a $60.00 custom bridge help? Thanks, Naomi
  6. What is the difference between a violin bow and a viola bow? Thanks in advance. Naomi
  7. Keep in mind that many children learn to play the violin - really young ones (3-4 yrs.) too, and good luck!
  8. Very nice website! Thanks for the music! I have it bookmarked. Naomi
  9. Thanks very much everyone.I have a much better understanding. since I only play for about an hour a day, I want to make the most of it. Naomi
  10. Nathan Milstein, Hilary Hahn, Mark O'Connor, Natalie MacMaster, Regina Carter, Stephane Grapelli, Claude Williams, Vassar Clements
  11. Another post reminded me that I've been wanting to ask this question. It's been said mainy times that you have to "work smarter" and that there is a distinction between a quality practice session as opposed to many hours of practice without quality. What makes a quality session? What is a waste of time? I'm still a beginner and I want to make sure I'm doing it right. I'm an adult beginner who started out teaching myself for 6 months. For the past year I get a 1-2 hour lesson about once/month with a young person who is a fiddler. Thanks for any help. Naomi
  12. For you old time fiddlers (and others who like to listen), on Saturday, January 26, starting at 10:00 AM there will be the annual Cloverdale (California) Fiddle Contest and Festival. Cloverdale is about 1.5-2 hours north of San Francisco.
  13. With me it depends mostly on my mood. sometimes I just gotta hear the old rootsy stuff and sometimes I feel more like listening to the newer cross-genre music. The only music I heard growing up was rock & R&B, so I don't have fond (or any) memories of traditional or ethnic music. I discovered it all as an adult, which might also make a difference.
  14. I love Mark's playing- all of it. I listen to lots of violin music- all kinds- and O'Connor does have the soul for music. Sometimes I feel like his old time stuff and sometimes the more classical, or jazzy. One of my favorite CDs is Heroes, in which he plays with many different fiddlers from old time to jazz to cajun, Texas, and even Indian. Maybe the difference is that some people love violin music and others just like certain genres of violin music. It's true there is a different feel to Mark's old time music and the Skillet Lickers, or his jazz and Stephane Grappelli's, etc. etc. But don't all good musicians have their own unique sound?
  15. Thanks, Crystal. This looks like a great CD. I'm currently learning to play "Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch" arranged by Alastair Frasier. I love it (but I don't do it justice yet). Naomi
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