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  1. is it a fair assumption that if one's ability to read your native language makes you a better speaker then the ability to read notation has the potential to make you a better player??????? Personally, I don't care if the musician I may be listening to can or cannot read music, as long as I am enjoying their interpretation of the piece being played.....
  2. I'm new to this forum, so hi to all. I also am a banjo player, or should I say, I have a banjo that I play. Its a Fender (yup Fender) LEO deluxe with a very ornate neck and plays very well. I generally play some bluegrass and spent several years in a local celtic/trad group with it.... LIke MARIREAD, I have "found" the fiddle so the banjo has taken a back seat. To TOC... my experience with banjos is that price is directly related to playability (5 string anyway).. Some of the less expensive ones are not even tunable...... But banjos are great fun.
  3. keni

    mystery violin

    I have a 4/4 instrument purchased circa 1930. It has a label inside with "the Jetel" on it. Is anyone familiar with that??? It has a good sound especially for the Celtic style. Any input would be welcome.